AAP Partition Struggle Shames Swaraj

Rakesh Manchanda

Partitian and divisions in any united society is painful.History remembers the Independent 1947 India with Pakistan.Many independent states at that time faced a human tension in damage control including Kashmir.In absence of social media unlike today a debate then from road side to powerful business cum politican houses is visible.See the teasing differences in the picture on unity of undivided India.

                       Note :Courtesy for Cartons to The Hindu and The Niti Central.

Stakeholders with conflict of interest including common man was never silent. Casualty loss remains more for the blind supporter including the forced followers of the political decisions including the hard working neutral Aam Admi.

Today the politicians are clever.Media misuse helps to hide from the workers the real intentions.Inner democracy struggle of the stakeholders and blind followers in ugly divisive political movements suffers.

Leaders refuse to learn from the collective mistakes like Khalistan,Bodoland,communical and caste roits.Kashmir suffers even today.

New Opportunity of power to AAP in Delhi to grow up and learn is evident.Arvind Kejriwal must be given a benefit of doubt. He may revisit Gandhi and his Swaraj concept to understand as to how Gandhi during tough pre-post partition unity days worked tirelessly for the unity and fair communication even with his Muslim comrades who later migrated to Pakistan.

After partition the evidences point out that Gandhi faced anger and hostile hooting by ground supporters and victims by both Hindus-Muslims in the refugee camps.Due to poor media coverage and public perception the Mahatma was blamed by many for the Partition while the foundation was laid in 1935 within the united congress with differences.Arvind Kejriwal today has a historical opportunity to avoid such a bad confused situation inside his own party in a near future.

Claiming self perfection and removal of the healthy suggestion makers is like cleaning the mirror and refusing to accept the dirt on yourself.

A Second Chance to repair Damage ?

After 49 day AAP government let us again give a benefit of doubt also to the AAP media spin team after silence and non transparency.In the recent past when Media network informed that Arvind Kejriwal had decided to move for 10 days holidays to Bangalore for Naturepathy.Several well wishers of AAP were happy. Balancing support of all organs of the body instead of a new speedy external English medicine intervention with more side effects for cough and immunity is a matter of trust.The hope was that the holiday cum nathurepathy shall blow a new undivided swaraj ideas to AK-67 high command.AAP is still in a witch hunt mode to remove critics and safe `body swaraj` keepers.

The body in Naturepathy at times needs a positive holistic united recharge of the inner interdependent organs. Understanding the organised nature`s gifted unity and role of various organs is essential for a self heal.Application of naturepathy and yoga certainly united the inner organs as claimed by our emotional childish Delhi CM.

Refreshed, stronger and a healthier AK reached back home Delhi with a charged body. However as per media footage he failed to blow the 12 months pending unity in the inner divided dirty organisational mess of poltical phenomenon AAP which is still a die hard hope for millions

Unity Vs Unity from a person to a party.

Swaraj in a united human body gets reminded daily during Nature Pathy for a silent holistic unity of all organs .Childhood stories of organ divisons, motor coordination and arrogance of a solder gun aiming victory on the enemy or terrorist needs to be re- visited again.Such folk tales on unity educate that the soldiers fingers on the trigger in the night killed the terrorist in the village. Success, power and arrogance results in the one upmanship with a `Me First` tag. Revolt of the fingers,eyes,ears and brain of the warrior were articulated in the story.Brain like a neutral umpire is the internal lokpal in absence of which there is a complete threat of a match fixing.

Loyalist and the blind followers of old Governance systems in political parties and corporate will comfortably tag the sacking of Admiral Ramdas-internal AAP Lokpal and his works declared till 2016 `without discussion` with volunteers as a normal routine. However old anti-corruption stream of millions who joined AAP for a real change in system are upset.They are refusing to accept this autocratic behaviour of the high command.

The score card in the PAC of 8/11 with minority eight against the expulsion of Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan showed a part justice.Why the same score card of 8 members defending same victims remain ineffective in the coup.Evidence point out a match fixing in a bigger group of 300-400 members of Executive Council with or without voting rights ?

Dialogue with the alert member instead of a blind volunteer with their renewal of power as the body organs is mandatory to avoid further splits and partition in AAP.

Allow me to remind the readers about a quote from Abrahim Lincoln that fits in this situation.

Contributions, concern and continuous communication of modest members and well wishers of AAP is commendable for all concerned.

Shame lies on the top AAP dream sales/election team. Go Getters are still spilling arrogance in Public each day. AK himself shared few juvenile excuses that he is not a comfortable team player to share the space with advisors in the united AAP and wanted to remove the `originals` with a fresh untested replacement. 

Recent AAP National Council meet will be remembered for its wrong reasons-Abuses, kicks,slaps, bouncers and stripping of even watches, mobiles and pens to overcome fear.The false fear was that few want AK to be removed as National Coordinator which was a rumour and volunteers ferried in buses had no right to question the reality.

Thanks to the awareness environment created by AAP in the past.Masters and voters of Delhi as per AK`s vision of Swaraj willingly wish to see that their hard earned money as funds and energy is put in the unique global phenomenon called AAP and is used judiciously.

Ulta Pulta (Upside Down) Swaraj will harm AAP more then expelling members and adopting hiring and firing company norms.My personal understanding on fund collection even before the birth of AAP remains the same-Allow fund giver a transparency and a track map to question the direction of the fund.

Top AAP leaders must patch up faster otherwise the anger of people as voters,supporters and fund givers as seen in the past will be out of control.As per the Swaraj concept the voters,tax players and people at large who work hard to produce more remain the masters and future controllers.The sevaks which includes Arvind Kejriwal, Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhusan have no right to waste time in each others faults.They must patch up fast or all three top leaders must be equally punished by getting reduced to ordinary AAP members for some time for self analysis.