AAP Transparency Vs Aam Aadmi

Rakesh Manchanda

Fast & furious traits are getting packed in a fantastic secret pact. Midnight 11:45pm was the correct time chosen to avoid undivided attention by new judges in AAP. Non transparent night has a power to hide the facts and will not question the fast priority to a big leaders issue.

If you cannot adopt a compromise you will be kicked out. Fear of the united AAP members as volunteers to revolt has forced this autocratic anticipated move by few decision makers. 

Fear now controls the fate of the Champions of transparency and the `honest` Changemakers in AAP. This is the same `fear` of people`s revolt that forced the autocratic British Jailer to hang Sardar Bhaghat Singh a day in advance. During midnight the bodies of 3 hanged revolutionaries as folk tale narrates were cut into small pieces, stuffed in sacks and was smuggled out of the Jail back door to get the funeral last rites performed.

This midnight conspiracy against transparency will be the haunting waterloo for AAP Top leaders.

These are big leaders not ordinary ones. Sample a very small 3 day fast gathering of ordinary volunteers demanding inner democracy in AAP in September-2014.Pankaj Gupta office manager then at 40,Hanuman Road ordered to park a car outside the gates to hide the Public view of fasting volunteers. The remark used for fasting volunteers at that time was `Kachara` (dirt) although the protest permission by Police was granted in advance.

Shabaas (cheer up!) the loyal grievance complainers have been promoted to become judges in the new disciplinary committee of AAP.

Today the broom Jhaadu symbol giver along with donation certificate provider and blue Wagon R gifted to Arvind Kejriwal all stand illegal and donators want to claim them back.

Thanks to AK-67 new fear.

Original founder members are replaced by 60 to 66 MLAs while volunteers are replaced by bouncers and the counter revolution continues.

This is just a beginning. With only four original members out of 4000 plus removed the Admin problems with no transparency and no hearing the inner democracy is bound to bleed.

Hanging freedom fighters and revolutionaries was not new in Pre-Independent India. Cases were filed and even then when India was a slave there was a Public hearing. British Governance new invented Fear during the Sardar Bhaghat, Rajguru and Sukhdev was that crowd of people outside the Jail gates was swelling and therefore swift and fast decisions were taken.

Bhagat Singh once stated that merciless criticism and independent thinking are two necessary qualities to shape up a revolutionary thought.

Swami Vivekananda quote stands bang correct today :Fear is death, fear is sin, fear is hell, fear is unrighteousness and fear is wrong life. All the negative thoughts and ideas that are in the world have proceeded from this evil spirit of fear. : Swami Vivekananda.

How will Arvind Kejriwal`s good Governance try to win back 4000 plus activists and the `honest` fence sitters ? This will be interesting to see and unfold. Reason for insulting and showing door to Lokpal-Admiral Ramdas still remains unanswered.

Justice leading to one sided execution of freedom fighters to gallows was missing during British days. Today after 65 years the `Public hearing` joins `justice` and both stand missing as victims with a shame.

Long Live ! Transparency & Democracy.

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