AAP Brings Catastrophe For Congress in Delhi

R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”

I am very glad to know that Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP party had performed exceedingly well in Delhi Assembly elections. It is also a miracle that a party which came into existence just fifteen months ago, has realised the pulse and the sufferings of the people in a much better manner than any other big parties; particularly the big two heavy weight players, namely Congress and BJP. And they have been able to perform that much well only because they got connected with people in such a manner that it brought a catastrophe for the oldest and most powerful party i.e. Congress. Sheila Dikshit’s government had become quite complacent with the people’s concerns and no one in the government ever tried to listen and realise as to how badly the people of Delhi are suffering because of their ill-conceived governance, which was also riddled with crimes, rampant corruption and ever soaring inflation. Had the previous organisation of Team Anna (which was initially formed in 2011 for making of Lokpal Bill) that also included Kiran Bedi, Swami Ramdev and Swami Agnivesh etc. also extended their full support and done canvassing in support of this party, AAP could have been easily able to touch the mark of 50 seats and formed the Delhi Government quite conveniently.

The issues which turned tables against Congress were many. High soaring inflation which was never seen before, series of scams which aimed at plundering the wealth of the nation rather than executing some welfare schemes for the poor and down-trodden sections of society, remaining totally forgetful of problems of the people, giving false / totally misleading statements like “poverty is just a state of mind” and that “a person can eat well with just Rs. 18.50” etc., serving the interests of big corporate houses better as compared to the ordinary people, sitting comfortably in chair instead of taking punitive action on the hoarders of many essential items etc. really cost the government very dearly. Sheila Dikshit government kept on saying that price-rise is universal phenomena – was out rightly rejected by the people.

Nevertheless, the current tally 28 of AAP, is also quite encouraging and worth appreciation. My hearty congrats to all the AAP candidates, particularly to those whom people of Delhi have provided seats in Delhi Assembly. And lastly, now the people of Delhi shall also be equally anxious to watch their post-election performance i.e. transforming and translating their promises they made, into workable reality and thereby provide the long desired and required relief to the people of Delhi. 

And now as no big or small party has been able to get clear majority in this election ( BJP – 32, AAP – 28 and Congress just 8), and no party coming forward to form the government, is also being viewed seriously by the people. Even though the electorates have given such a split verdict, and AAP has contested these elections opposing the bad policies of the previous Congress governing, its big leaders like Avind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodiya and Yogendra Yadav etc. should devise some means to form the next government. Sticking to their prior stand that they shall neither take support of any party nor give support to them, is certainly not workable solution to the newly formed imbroglio.

Instead of continuing with that position, it shall be better if AAP takes initiative and starts negotiations with BJP and inspire them to form the next government. In that way, they shall also be a part of the decision making body and ensure that the new government makes policies and works keeping in view the welfare of the ordinary people. In this manner, it shall also be in a position to keep a regular check on the wrong policies of the government and ensure better governance. Some common minimum programme should be drafted and both these big two parties should start working together in that direction. But, it should also be kept in mind that sticking to their earlier stand is certainly not in the interest of any, i.e. neither good for AAP nor for the common people. In the current situation of no party coming forward to form the next government, Delhi shall be headed for next round of elections and that will put an additional pressure on inflation. And all efforts should be explored (by both these parties) to stop that avoidable expenditure at all costs.