AIFF nominated in top-three for AFC Grassroots MA of the Year Award

AIFF Media Team

All India Football Federation’s Grassroots Programme received a shot in the arm when it was nominated in the top three in Asia along with winners Japan and Vietnam for the AFC Grassroots MA of the Year Award.

“As part of the implementation of Lakshya, AIFF’s focus is on Grassroots and Youth Development,” AIFF General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das told

“In 2013 the AIFF has embarked on a comprehensive and active Grassroots Programme across six States including an agreement with FFA (Football Federation of Australia).“The AIFF will continue to focus on Grassroots and Youth Development in future years,” the General Secretary added.

The AIFF signed an agreement under Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) with Football Federation of Australia (FFA) on October 30 to support All India Football Federation’s Grassroots Programme.

This new Award was started this year and aims to recognise a Member Association who has made tremendous efforts to promote Grassroots Football. The launch of this Award this could not have been timelier as the year 2013 has also been marked as AFC Grassroots Year while May 15 has been designated as AFC Grassroots Day.

The Award is given to a Member Association based on several factors such as its grassroots structure and philosophy/policy, links with partners for Grassroots Football Development, Grassroots Technical Programmes and activities, programmes/activities on social responsibility in grassroots, exchange programmes and special developmental/promotional activities during the AFC Grassroots Year 2013.

AIFF’s Grassroots program is designed for kids between 6-12 years of age through a comprehensive Grassroots Strategic Development Plan (designed under the Lakshya Master Plan), and is currently running in as many as six states, where children are given the opportunity to participate and enjoy the game of football through small sided games and age specific activities under the guidance of trained Grassroots leaders.

The AIFF Grassroots Program aims to work with all key stakeholders in Football to bring the more number of kids into the football fold in a safe, positive and fun environment. Parent and volunteers too are involved on a regular basis in Grassroots activities.