Ajay Devgan flag-off Mulund Vintage car rally

Abhishek Dubey

Time stood still and machines from a different era rumbled through the streets of the city. The Mulund festival rocked the eastern suburb one again adding the adventurous journey and fun for Mulundities. Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan Flag-off the Vintage Car Rally and was seen encouraging participates he said, “”It is a depiction of the passion and committeemen of the owners of various vintage cars and automobiles, who took part in this and I have actually been very fascinated by their passion”.
The fest was organised by Sewak NGO chairman Charan Singh Sapra’s. The rally saw around 100 vintage cars which are running over the mulund streets. Vintage Car Rally vroomed up the car lovers. Some of the most popular vintage beauties at the event included the Willys Overland 1909 – the oldest among all -Rolls Royce 1912, Bentley 1947, and Rolls Royce Phantom 1 of 1925.

The “Masti-Mohabbat Mail” of the Mulund Festival is travelling into the hearts of every resident and takes them on an unforgettable journey of fun, love and togetherness. “Owning a Vintage Car is like owning a piece of history. History teaches us lesson we must try to learn from the past. The fest celebrates by every Mulundities with lots of Enthusiasm and Zest” ,said Charan Singh Sapra.