Cleaning campaign by ANHLGT

Residents of sector-23, Dwarka, organised a cleaning campaign from sector-23 Vardhman mall to Dwarkadham apartments. Shri Rajesh Gahlot, Municipal Councillor, Chairman standing Committee, launched the program. Residents thanked him for providing bins in societies, better sweeping of roads and footpaths and removal of garbage. But in some places garbage is heaped just like hills for days together. for instance in front of Ramakrishna apartments, indian heights school, and all around Vardhman mall, sector-23. Parking is also major problem of the mall people cant even walk on the roadside and on the footpath.

Toilets of the mall are not kept clean, and there is no bolt on the doors. there is general complaint from the Shaman apartment, that shopkeepers do not use the toilets and use the open space, which is a matter of nuisance from the occupants of shaman apartments.