Overcharging by parking attendants at Metro Station Sector 13 Dwarka

Dear Shri Dogra Ji,

I would like to bring to your kind notice that the parking attendants at Metro Station Sector 13 Dwarka resort regularly to overcharging from gullible visitors who park their cars there.

The official parking charge is Rs. 22/- per entry and full day parking is Rs. 44/-.

The attendant tears the slip in such a way that Rs. 22 is not visible on the portion given to the visitor when he collects the slip after parking the car. What is visible, in bold is Rs. 30, which the uninformed visitors pay. They do not realize that Rs. 30 is charged in case the parking slip is lost (as written in fine print). This is invariably ovelooked by the visitors.

Every time I park the car there I give him Rs. 22/-. He says it is Rs. 30/-. I then ask him for the torn portion of the slip with him and show him, after which he immediately back tracks and accepts Rs. 22/- because he knows I know the rate. This is a regular occurrence.

While Rs. 8/- is no big deal, I do not like the unscrupulous way by which he is conning the people with his devious method.

You may like to give this wide publicity through Dwarka Parichay so that our members are well informed and not overcharged.

Citizen’s reporter
Anil Attavar