M K Gupta

We have read about the murders of RTI volunteers for fighting against the corruption but there have been many cases wherein volunteers have to lose their jobs also.  In one such case of M K Gupta, it was alleged against him, “Actually, his bonafide are (sic) doubtful.  Hence such a persons (sic) cannot be put on duty.”  He was removed from the job in April, 2008 on the aforesaid charge along with some other trivial charges.
When confronted and asked to substantiate the charge, Shri D.K. Das, CPIO, (now retd.) NSD, All India Radio pleaded that the file has been lost and therefore the charges cannot he substantiated. The CPIO went to the extent of writing false letter, registering false FIR apart from submitting three false affidavits before the Central Information Commission declaring that the file has been lost.
On the order of CIC, matter was inquired and as per finding, Shri Gita Ram, Sr. Administrative Officer and present CPIO concluded,  “……….. Hence it can be construed that no file was created.” When no file was created, where was the question of its being lost? In his report and affidavit to the CIC, present CPIO has said that all the records are available in the office.
The struggle against corruption and transprancy in government’s working by the RTI volunteers is not an easy one but the firm resolve of Gupta has exposed the injustice met to him.