New Life seen in Dwarka

Thanks to our environment of Dwarka all around improvement.

Nature at its best.. Nesting time around July-Aug given birth to many Sparrow, Parrot/ Myna etc in around Dwarka Residential complex. & Parks..

A few weeks back, an NGO Nature Forever Society got shared with us. This NGO works in particular for the conservation of Sparrows. Here is their website detailing their activities:

Their main income comes from the sale of their products : nest-boxes, bird-feeders, binoculars. All products are made from ecological material. Their production has also created jobs.

If you wish to buy any of these items, here is the link:

The most simple nest-box amounts to INR 400, transport included, a birdfeeder is about INR 100.

It can also be an original gift idea for friends who love birds! Please support..

Citizen’s Reporter: