Business English….. a serious business.


V.P ( Fibcom. India, Retired)

There is no denial of the fact that English is the Global Language today. Why do we keep resorting to this double standards about being only a Hindustani and say Hindi hamari rashtra Bhasha hai; hum angreez nahi hain etc.? (Hindi is our national language and we are not English)

Nobody has refuted the claim about Hindi being our national language. We do respect our national language. But let us get out of the denial mode and also accept the fact that English is the Lingua franca or the link language.

English is still a medium of communication through which both small and large corporations do business. More so these days due to more privatization and globalization in business, English is the language of communication in all private and multinational companies. 

Why you need to be good at Business English Communication?
There is no fooling ourselves about the importance of business communication in the corporate world today. For example the BPO sector had a big entry in India only because English is widely spoken in India. Later this sector realized that there was a big gap in the communication skills of the new entrants. The Industry had to spend lot of time and effort to train the entrants in these skills. Business terminology, business phrases, business grammar, business etiquette and Soft Skills very essential prerequisites to get entry to good jobs in the corporate sector.
The Corporate trainees and employees in the corporate sector need to have an understanding and command of detailed vocabulary dealing with specific concepts in order to be able to communicate effectively with other professionals in the business.

Unfortunately the students out of colleges and universities are not well equipped with Business English. It is ironical that we educate our students for the corporate sectors and government jobs but this aspect of building up their business communication skill is grossly neglected. Students face failures during corporate interviews because there is a huge gap between academic learning the Corporate needs. Most candidates lack good English communication skills .

Ascent Academy Dwarka ( ) which has been into training young graduates and postgraduates from various parts of the country especially Bihar, Odisha, Chattisgarh, Jharkand etc. in Business communication skills are doing a great job since they have highly qualified and competent trainers.

This Academy not only focuses on building Business Communication but also guides the trainees for the right job fit. India already has the presence of many multinational corporations. The FDI will further throw open the doors to the multinational foreign biggies. Companies are increasingly recognizing the link between the English Language proficiency and the success of its business performance.

The time is ‘Now’ to improve your Business communication.
‘Nothing succeeds like success’ and you can succeed too!!