Open letter to Narendra Modi ji

Dear Narendra Bhai ,

At the outset please accept my heartiest congratulations on your stunning victory in the elections.

The past few months have been arduous – a truly taxing and exhausting period for you and all the others actively involved in the election campaign. That you and your party have emerged victorious speaks of the GROUNDSWELL OF SUPPORT AND GOODWILL YOU HAVE GENERATED – transcending all borders of caste, community, creed, language and religion. Barring a few pockets, people have overwhelmingly opted to impose on your broad shoulders, a massive responsibility. No indication of the people’s fervent desire to engineer a change could be clearer than the OVERWHELMING MANDATE given to you by THE PEOPLE.

The entire nation came to a grinding halt yesterday as each and every citizen was gripped with just one task – keeping abreast of the latest political developments. The citizens have spoken in one clear voice. They have got disgusted with SINGLE FAMILY DYNASTIC RULE; and with the actions and inactions, deeds and misdeeds of the previous regime. Whether it is the INNUMERABLE SCAMS that surfaced every other day, the DETERIORATING LAW AND ORDER situation, TERROR ATTACKS AND UPRISINGS engineered from within or outside, or any other facet touching upon their lives, the citizens of the world’s largest and youngest democracy unequivocally rejected the plans, policies and programmes of the old Government. The people have decided TO TRANSFER POWER FROM A HANDFUL FEW TO WHERE IT REALLY BELONGS – TO THE PEOPLE.

The election results have come in like a breath of fresh air. The expectations of the people are sky-high. You are well aware that people of India, who can be abundantly lavish in their praise, can also turn equally ruthless in their condemnation. Public memory is very short, especially in our country. The same people that have put you on a high pedestal today could very well squash you at the time of next reckoning. Your report card needs to be flawless if you are to continue to enjoy the confidence of the populace. Given the fact that public memory is short as aforesaid, every moment is precious. The time to start is NOW. You have said that you are aware of the great responsibility thrust upon you. People look up to you TO DELIVER YOUR PROMISES and have imposed their faith in you. YOU CANNOT FAIL THEM.

During your recent campaign while reaching out to the teeming millions, you would have seen for yourself the problems plaguing the country. The citizens, hitherto divided among communal lines by many with selfish vested interests, have seen through this ploy and have risen above caste and communal politics. Gone are the days when politicians could buy votes with a few sops. The verdict is clear. People are vexed with divisive policies of the previous governments, appeasement of a few, turning one against the other. India is one country and deserves one civil law, one uniform code. You are the CHOSEN ONE to make this happen. This election was fought – and lost and won on the PLANK OF DEVELOPMENT. Gujarat is today perceived to be a Role Model for other states. The nation looks up to Gujarat, thanks to the progress made there. People desire similar enrichment and enhanced quality in their lives. The need of the hour is development. Many Indians are at great pains to eke out a living, with survival itself being a daily struggle. The crying need of the hour is not Ram Mandir issue. Required most urgently are better HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION FACILITIES, JOB OPPORTUNITIES, SANITATION, INFRASTRUCTURE and TRANSPARENCY in all dealings.

The tasks before you are indeed mind boggling. The immense burden on your shoulders is unenviable. The blessings of your dear mother – and your home state – and the love and affection showered upon you by all your fellow countrymen are your greatest strengths. Do not underestimate this strength. This strength is the STRENGTH OF GOD ALMIGHTY and can make you to do wonders and achieve the seemingly impossible. It can guide you on the path that people have chosen for you and aid you in your task of TRANSFORMATION OF THIS COUNTRY. People look up to you with THIS HOPE. You shall provide a government that stands scrutiny and comes out unscathed against highest levels of probity. India has always been looked up to by other countries of the world. Under your leadership, India shall regain its magnificent past, rise to greater glory and continue to HOLD ITS HEAD HIGHER IN THE COMITY OF NATIONS. You have to ensure this happens. You must not fail. This is your mandate.

I wish you – and every fellow citizen – HAPPIER DAYS AHEAD

Citizens’ Reporter 

Mythili Attavar

Dwarka, New Delhi

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It was nice to read OPEN LETTER to Narinder Modi ji by Mythili Attavar! She has raised right issues which concern all the citizens esp the vulnerable sections of the society. I hope & feel the new dispensation will carve out a new path of good governance pebbled with good intentions, inclusivity, honesty, commitment, passion & the bureaucracy taking the community along with them.

I also may like to observe that there are many e- groups like Dwarka Forum, Sukh Dukh Kay Saathi [SDKS], Ladies Groups besides many RWAs, operating for good causes for a long time in Dwarka.Their members mean good for this sub city.

Dwarka Parichay is another forum which regularily highlights issues about making Dwarka better.

This is the right time to make an Actionable `ACTION PLAN` to improve/ maintain DWARKA which can be submitted to the next Delhi Govt besides the Central Govt. So, how about Dwarka Parichay taking the lead in organising a no of seminars/workshops in collaboration with DF, SDKS & many other like minded organisations/groups like Radio Dwarka various schools/ institutes etc etc operating in/ from Dwarka?


Vijay K. Saluja
Director- Giraffe Heroes India Program
Senior Fellow Institute of Social Sciences-New Delhi
Ex Chief Engineer[civil] New Delhi Municipal Council
Ex President, IIT Delhi Alumni Association
Red & White Bravery Awardee-2002


Dear Sir,

I have read through this Open Letter very carefully. This is a well thought-out letter and perhaps spells out what every right thinking Indian looks forward to from our Prime Minster-elect. Mythili Attavar deserves congratulations for this and I fully endorse her views.

Best wishes,

Ex-Editor of THE KANARITE (English Monthly),
and Ex-Associate Editor of THE COASTAL OBSERVER,