Book Review by Anup Y. Attavar

At the outset, I must congratulate Shri S. S. Dogra for his wonderful book ‘Media can do Wonders in Students’ Life’. It is a handy, compact book which is very useful to students from teenagers to young adults. 

Media is a very powerful means of communication in this technologically ever-evolving world. Media creates awareness among the public and has been instrumental in shaping public opinion. Well-informed is well armed. However, children and the student community are swayed by the constant dose of advertising; the dominating influence of media is such that the students’ beliefs, attitudes and outlook are affected (generally adversely). It is up to society (parents, teachers and elders) to ward off this influencing factor. Media is one of the most effective tools of communication and acts as a double edged sword. It has proved to be a boon and in several cases, a bane.

The author has offered a good analysis of print media and e-media. He has described in detail the various components of the term media in simple language which can be understood even by a layman. The book, which is comprehensive, can be used both as part of the syllabus and can also act as a reference book.

It is a matter of great significance that Shri Dogra has not stopped at just getting the book published and sold. He has been conducting workshops for students all over India to update their knowledge about media and generating understanding of the great impact that media creates in students’ life. 

Anup Y. Attavar
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