Career Fair organised at Sri VIS

The students of classes IX to XII of Sri Venketswar International School, Sector- 18, Dwarka benefitted from career counselling sessions held on 16 and 21 August 2018 as part of the Career Fair organised in the school. The sessions ranged from a panoramic discussion on career choices available with the students of classes IX and X to specific career options available in their chosen stream with the students of classes XI and XII by the eminent career counsellor Mr. Jitin Chawla. He spoke on choices available in Delhi University and the professional colleges in India and abroad. The students had many many doubts and queries which he answered with felicity. The students of classes XI and XII also attended a session with Ms. Vandana Tandon. She spoke on career planning and goal orientedness.

The students of XI and XII classes attended a deeply thought provoking session conducted by Prof. Saikat Majumdar from Ashoka University who is also an accomplished literary personality. Prof. Saikat emphasised the need for amalgamation of a fluid understanding of intelligences. He stated that the need of the times is to think beyond boxes and asked the students as well as the educators to ‘consume as well as create’ knowledge. He asked the students to cultivate skill that will not be rendered irrelevant with the advancement of AI. The students asked many questions that begged for a deep understanding of human intelligences and the education system along with the commercial concerns of the country as well as the world at large.

Dr Beenu Kumar Taneja Life Coach and Trainer delivered a session on ‘Past-Present-Future of Technology and Business’.

This interactive workshop enabled the students to experience a fascinating, historical evolution of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) and Management from pre-historical times to the contemporary world. They gained an understanding of how major breakthroughs in these domains in the last 3000 years have altered the course of history for humans at different points.

Students also gained an insight into the future of STEM and Management sciences and what the new world is going to look like in this century. They received perspective and focused guidance on how they can prepare to be future-ready professionals.

The students impressed all with their thought provoking questions and observations.The Career Fair seemed to have fulfilled the purpose of imbuing the students with a sense of direction and self belief.

The school principal Mrs. Nita Arora who is an ardent believer in progressive thought and the power of passion as the driving force behind all achievements, thanked the resource persons and motivated the students to strive for excellence. The Fair was a result of the tireless efforts of the school counsellor Ms. Harvinder Kaur, ably supported by the special educator Ms. Deepika Kaushik.

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