Dwarka – Connectivity Issue

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Subject: Dwarka – Connectivity Issue.

The Dwarka sub-city has limited entry & exit points connecting it with rest of the city. Particularly if you want to move towards Connaught Place or Gurgaon there are bottle necks. Three major such connecting points are Dwarka flyover, Sector 22 under pass and the Dabri Crossing. At present all of these are over loaded and are causing traffic jams on daily basis. Even within Dwarka the sector 1-2 crossing is over stretched and crossing times has reached up to 10 minutes during peak hours. It is understood that at present DDA does not have any active plans to address this issue. In more specific, the Dwarka over-bridge, a major link, has fallen very short of capacity. The DDA has been approached several times to initiate any thought process to resolve these issues thru capacity expansion. But as of now no such file movement is known.

Even if some action plans is formulated its implementation would take a few years and by then the traffic load would already be multiplied. It is therefore requested that DDA may be advised to come out with action plans to augment the traffic capacity of Dwarka over-bridge by making some alternate bridge, road, underpass or any other mode.

The crossing of sector 1-2 also requires some action plan now to gear it up to at least double the capacity.
Request for urgent attention.

Yours faithfully,

S K Goyal