Sewage water through pipeline at Netaji Subash Apartment, Sector 13, Dwarka

Citizen’s Reporter

Shibu Sam

I mentioned about this last year also, but no action was taken by anybody to check the leakage/ sweage mixing with water connection inside Netaji Subash Apartment (NSA), Pocket 1, Phase 2, Sector 13, Dwarka.

A few photos to prove the quality of water supplied on February 8, 2011

Its hard to find the DDA personnel sitting in his office inside the premises of NSA. RWA are very active to collect the monthly maintenance charges/ fees, but don’t have time to look into these things.

This is just to bring to public awareness that the water which is being filled in their tanks in the morning is sewage mixed water, with hectic smell and tastes like (I cant say).

Water supplied by tankers are more than 90% pure, only the pipelined water is dirty.