Tribute to NIRBHAYA – Campaign is to raise awareness on women’s safety

The campaign has two parts :

1.Displaying a single collective slogan on your vehicles on 16 December (slogan given below)

2. Participating in the bus ride from South Delhi till Lutyen’s Delhi ( 4.00-5.30 pm) to raise awareness about the urgent need for enhanced and permanent measures to ensure women’s safety.

1. Slogan :

The slogan to be pasted on our personal vehicles has been coined for this campaign by a young class ten student of Step by Step school, Ms Barkha Batra. She and her family have been actively involved in working towards gender equality and sensitivity. She has also been chosen to represent her school at the UN and speak on this issue. Let us ensure that our collective voice as articulated so well by this young girl, reaches as many ears as possible.


Please make printouts of the slogan above and paste on your car on 16 Dec. Please also ask your friends and family to do so. You can ask your friends in other states to translate it into their own vernaculars, but the essence of the message must not be lost in translation 🙂 !!

2 . Bus drive :
One Bus will start from Dwarka at 3.00 pm and reach Sarvodaya Enclave by 4.00 pm . The other two will be already stationed outside mother’s international school outside Sarvodaya enclave.

The three buses will move from Sarvodaya Enclave (in front of Mother’s International School Gate) at 4.30 pm sharp and head towards Lutyen’s Delhi. The single stop will be at an important minister’s house (awaiting confirmation) or (in case of last minute cancellation/other) at Jantar Mantar for 15/20 minutes (5.10 – 5.30). Thereafter, the buses will head back, two to Sarvodaya and one directly to Dwarka (time of buses reaching back to Sarvodaya/ Dwarka should be 6 pm or thereabouts).

The buses will have posters hanging from the sides. These large posters deal with different aspects of women’s safety. They have been painted by senior students of two Government schools in Dwarka as part of an art competition on women’s safety. Though there were only 12 prize winners on that day, all the students will have the satisfaction of seeing their voices and ideas being transmitted to the public.

Dr Ranjana Kumari, a well-known social activist, will be leading the campaign. Dr N. Hamsa, a highly respected figure, who has been holding top positions of responsibility in the field of women’s issues, will also be with us that day. They would be speaking to journalists on the bus and giving a message or two to the public en route on a portable mike on the bus. They would also formally present our 3 point petition to the concerned minister.

There are 90 seats on the two buses starting from Sarvodaya. Those wishing to be part of the bus drive must give in their names and confirm their seat on the bus latest by 10th December at this email ID : You will need to reach in front of the gate of mother’s international school by 4 pm latest on 16 December 2014.You may also follow the bus in your own car if you like. It will be very welcome to have many participating cars also. Please let us know if you are planning to do so by writing in at the same email. The fee for a bus ticket is Rs 30 (thirty) which will go towards fuel costs.

Message from: Anjali Mehta