The OPG World School is organizing fun day for the little ones on Sunday October 25th, 2009 from 10 am onwards with a plethora of activities and fun. Making this day truly equally enjoyable to young ones and their parents alike.

The OPG World school believes that there exists in every child an inherently creative individual and, that every creative achievement contributes towards a confident persona. Therefore this collaborative venture has been designed to give an opportunity to our children to display their talents and to get to know one another in a globalised world that has caused the walls to break and prepare our children for the future.

The occasion shall be graced by eminent personalities of Delhi. A plethora of activities and prizes are the highlights of the event. The school endeavors to ensure that every child that leaves the portals of this temple of learning does so carrying a bit of OPG in him. OPG awaits you!

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