Cycling the new Fitness Bug caught with bollywood Actor Vikram Singh

Abhishek Dubey

Vikram Singh a bollywood/tollywood actor also who is a trained boxer is geared up to promote Cycling as a new fitness mantra. “I have always been into hard core fitness and I want the children and youth of this country to develop the healthiest body for a positive living. The way population is increasing and no place for cars we should get into various form of transport and i personally feel CYCLING is the best non polluted Form of Transport and good for whole system. No parking problem and if people are concern for status symbol they can buy a LV or Hermes or any top brand cycle as these brands will definitely one day make cycles for this populated world”, said Vikram Singh.

This Locovicky Actor has been going to the sets of his film Rana Vikrama on a bicycle from his hotel .It’s about 5 kms ride. So keep Fit and Live healthy.