DDA’s apathetical attitude towards Nasirpur residents

Chief Engineer
Delhi Development Authority (Dwarka),
Dwarka Office, Manglapuri,
Palam, New Delhi 110045.

Respected Sir,

With this letter, it is to brought to your kind notice the apathetic condition of Pocket 6-10, Sector 1-A, Nasirpur Road, Dwarka. After the monsoon the situation has worsened.

It will be very much appreciated if you could kindly look into the following problems and remedial measures be under-taken in larger interest of the residents.

1.  Proper signage for locating Pocket 6-10, Sector 1-A, Dwarka, Nasirpur Road at Dwarka Flyover, Palam X-ing and Dabri X-ing for easy identification and accessibility;

2. Display of signage at all the vacant plots with detailing its use;

3. Proper up-keeping of the Local Shopping Center at Pocket-6 ;

4. Main Nasirpur Road is badly damaged and needs to be strengthened;

5. By-lane approaching towards Pragati Kunj from main Nasirpur Road needs suitable repair with proper laying of sewer line. There is always water logging during monsoon and rain;

6. Repair of road berms on Nasirpur Road.

7. Repair of foot-path along side main Nasirpur Road. In many places the footpath has broken down and also caved in and man-holes covers missing.

8. Trimming of trees along the main Nasirpur Road. It is obstructing street light and illumination of the road is not proper. In many areas repair of street lights are not possible and BSES has refused to undertake repair at those particular poles.

9. Proper and regular cleaning and sweeping of roads and bye-lanes of Pocket 6-10, Nasirpur,

10. Removal of unclaimed malba laying in the lane behind Sunrise Apartments.

It will be very much appreciated if suitable action is initiated on the above ten issues and intimated.

 Arun Banerjee