DWARKA’S DILEMMA – Killer Junctions

Janta Ki Awaaz


 Dwarka’s Killer Junction which sees daily traffic jams for hours despite traffic lights being sanctioned and fitted but not operational due Traffic police apathy. The attached photo show the magnitude of the problem.

Dwarka, a promised land to the residents of Delhi, where the abandonment of the slogan ‘Zero Tolerance’ has become a bane for it’s residents. The infamous killer junction near Kaveri Apartments (Sec 5 / 6 road) witnesses traffic jams on a daily basis in the morning and evening. The traffic from West Delhi and Dwarka Flyover enters Dwarka from this road (Sec 5/6 road) and the volume swells up in the rush hours. The traffic to the Sec 6/10 market routes through this junction. Lack of traffic lights leads to chaotic situations everyday.

The Traffic department is aware of the problem and the traffic lights which were to be operational in end-June are ready and connected but like all projects they are probably waiting for a VIP to cut the ribbon. While the jams are cutting into every one’s patience, the authorities are turning a blind eye to the problem. Fancy lights decorate the four poles that have been erected but these lights are yet to get the green signal from the traffic men. When will the lights come on? When it’s too late for somebody ?!? I hope someone does not have to lose his life to wake up the cops! Or are they following the lead of Delhi Govt and OC on PDCs (Postponed Date of Completion)!