Disastrous Sanitation by SDMC in Dwarka- Citizen Participation

As we all fed up and fraustated with this Sanitation of Dwarka handle by SDMC (erswhile MCD and DMSWSL).

Now having failed all Test and Run options and now we understood SDMC is now in pipeline NEW Project for Dwarka to have their own system.

So far no RWA or Citizen were consulted on this.

DF would like to hear from you all what are the option that could work better and put all the points to SDMC and place it on Record and CONSULT STAKE HOLDERS(ie. Residents of Dwarka) before finalsing and spending free the exchequer.

Meanwhile SDMC must clear all the malba on DAILY BASIS as every nook and corner if full of garbage and no regular collection for many months while Contractor was in place and now with SDMC.

In my personal opinion:

1.Bring Sanitation Bye-Law by SDMC and make every from Orginator to Muncipal Agency and its staff accountable.
2.Public initiative for Segregation and Disposal as per MSWH Rulle 2000
-Distribute 6 months Garbage Biodegradble Polythene bags to all house holds for free by SDMC. –After 6 months it will be residents must procure these bags (Rs. 60 per KG)
-All houses and All Apartments & Shops/establishments should have 2 Bins in respective flats /Floors/ Complex. (One for WET Waste in Green and DRY Waste in Blue).
-All residents, complex and institutions will STRICTLY dispose of Garbage only in CLOSED Biodegradble Polythene Bags. Any violation to the above must STRICTLY PENALISE by both internal mechanism and SDMC Health Inspector Level.
3.SDMC will have GATE to GATE Collection(Door to Door will be organised by RWA/CGHS/MTA etc).
4.SDMC will give minimum 5000 Ltr Capacity 2 Bins to each complex depending upon Population(For 100 Flats 1 each-Green and Blue).
5.SDMC will fix precise with half an hour leniency of Picking up Garbage from each Complex and locations. In case the delay or failure to pick this will be informed the concerned Complex office and alternate arrangements be made within 24 hours. If more than 24 house, the SDMC will pay penalty amount to affected complex and the due amount to be deducted from Supervisory Officials of the SDMC Monthly Salary.
-In a day 3 times the SDMC will organise pick up. One for morning between 8 to 10 (Pick up all roads sides and markets), 10- to 12 (All WET Garbage from from Complexes) 2-4 (Pick up all Dry waste) and 5 to 8 (Wet waste if any left from all complex). Once in a week C&D Waste (Construction and Demolishing waste from area designated).
6.All vehicles must be put up with GPS and Uniform Mobile Numbers which will be shared with area residents/RWA/CGHS/MTA and institutions.
7.SDMC along with area concillors to conduct at least ONE Meeting be held with area residents/RWA/CGHS/MTA and institutions every alternate month on the last Saturday of the Month.
8.Best performing SDMC Contractor, Pickup Vehicle staffs, Area ASI, SI, SS, EE, SE etc must be suitbly rewarded joinly by RWA/CGHS/MTA and SDMC Management.
9.Best environment friendly Complex also be awarded and given complimentary PRIORITY for SDMC facilities such as LED Street Lights for complex, Solar Water heaters, Garden manual etc..
10. SDMC will give % of the CARBON Credit to RWA/CGHS/MTA and Instiatuions that are part of the programme.

This is what I could think of at this point, it may not be the best as I am sure my fellow Dwarkites have more brighter ideas and practically implementable ones…

So please scribble and put it across- It for them to take a call but for us INSIST on these….