DMRC Dumping Concrete in Green Area

DMRC was allotted 10 Hectares out of 80 Hectares of area in Bharat Vandana Udhaan in Sector 20 Dwarka in year 2012 for 3 years on lease against payment of about 3 crores. This land was allotted for construction of casting yard. DMRC has damaged a huge amount of green space back in 2012. The issue was raised both with DDA and media but nothing much materialized.

Of late, DMRC is spreading its destructive wings in the area which still houses a huge number of native trees and wildlife like Neelgai, Blue Bulls, Peacocks, Rabbits, huge variety of birds and much more. Berry shrubs in the area are best suited for birds which are otherwise vanishing from our city. A area of such huge importance is being destroyed by DMRC for no valid reason. 

The story goes:
DMRC has put up metallic wall sort of to fence its 10 Hectares of the allotted area but all its trucks, dumpers, concrete mixers, etc are using the space along side (green area as per master plan with huge vegetation). About 2-3 acres of area has been cleared off by them for making a parking space and easy movement of their heavy machinery. Not only have they cleared off the green area but are also dumping all concrete there itself thus rendering the area non-suitable for further growth of vegetation.

The said Bharat Vandana Udhaan is the same place which the residents have been demanding to be turned into a Bio-Diversity Park/Nature Reserve on lines of the one at Vasant Vihar (Aravali Bio-Diversity Park). A request signed by NGOs, RWAs and more than 1200 residents of Dwarka and nearby areas was submitted to the Vice-Chairman, DDA yesterday.
Request you to kindly publish this appropriately to protect green areas of Dwarka Sub-City. 

Citizen’s reporter
Shobhit Chauhan

RTI Activist
Founder President: Ek Sangharsh (Regd. NGO)