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It’s everywhere, north to south and east to west! Troubled and hard hit with life, our fellow citizens are trying to make a living of whatever small ways they can. Crime, Corruption, Death, Scandals, Violence and Rape is all that they speak of India!

How many times have we watched right in front of our eyes the helpless suffering, or corruption happening; many of us turn away shirking the responsibility, thinking ‘this is the way it is’, or ‘what can I do about it’. Being a silent spectator of such events, accepting things without questioning their righteousness has brought the country to the situation where even after 60 years of independence we are still regarded as a backward country with mass poverty, illiteracy and corruption.

It is time, we thought, to drop the ‘chalta hai’ attitude and initiate change and progress. Progress in the real sense where we bring overall growth. Change by taking one step at a time.

AwakIND along with the participation of the aam junta is on the mission of “Making INDIA a better place to live in”. After garnering a massive fan base of nearly 30,000 people on another popular networking site, we have launched our own portal www.awakind.com. Like-minded people who are interested to take action and envision a changed India, in the true sense, are part of this community. Users will know people behind the Government, the elected members of our region. The portal offers lots of impressive activities for the users wherein they can vote for their favourite politician, political party or even an NGO based on the work they’re doing. The motive is to encourage and appreciate ideas which have the potential to grow into something big.

The user base is growing by the day, with the fervour reaching out to every progressive Indian. Whether it is politics, environment, corruption, education or abuse, India has a platform to voice its opinion and to be heard on any topic which it feels deserves a mention and which is hindering the road to our development.

With over 4,90,000+ members ‘Growing INDIA Growing Ourselves, Making INDIA a better place to live in’ ), Managed by AwakIND, started in December 2009, the page today is adding 900+ new followers daily and keeps on growing every day. The page has been able to capture the imagination of every Indian with massive participations in form of discussing latest news, issues and ideas concerning INDIA.

AwakIND recognizes the need for having a common platform that gives back the people of this country, their voice. Yet to be publicly launched Nation-wide, it (www.AwakIND.com ) is already creating waves on the popular networking site. The website on beta test phase has over 27,000+ registered members and 1,500’s of people from different cities of India volunteering and physically supporting for the noble cause, all ready to unleash their energy. The future looks promising for Indians where AwakIND is bound to become a part and parcel of their lives and motivate everybody to invest their fruitful time, like our forefathers dreamt before giving their lives for our Independence. .

AwakIND is an endeavor to encourage more long-term and sustainable relationships between the people and organizations that are working to make a difference, affecting social change on the ground.

AwakInd is an associate with Dwarka Parichay for Control Corruption initiatives.
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