Media can do wonder in Students Life, if it’s utilized well during their regular study


Media & its Impact on Students-really a very hot topic among the parents. Yes, it is very important issue that Media has greater impact on students life. That’s why most of the parents are worried about their ward’s career. The parents don’t want that their wards should spend much time watching Cricket Matches (which are mostly telecast during examinations) movies, TV programmes mainly based on negative or violence origin. Now, with the introduction of Smart Mobile phone, the excess use of it has become headache for the parents.

To get rid of using mobile, C.B.S.E. took a very positive step toward it & on 29th July, 2009 a circular (Vide CBSE/AFF./CIRCULARS/2009) was served to all the affiliated schools of India by Joseph Emmanuel-Dy.Secretary (Affl.) C.B.S.E. As per the circular, the use of Mobile Phones definitely needs to be restricted in school environments. The Board is of the opinion that all stakeholders connected with school education such as students, parents, teachers and heads of institutes need to arrive at a consensus on the use of mobile phones in their schools and restricting its entry in the school campus. This is because mobile phones can be a serious cause of distraction, lack of concentration, anxiety, fear and sometimes even misuse. Even if the mobiles are in silent mode they can be a source of disturbance within the classroom as students can make use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) during the class or even during an assignment. The cameras which are a common feature now in most mobile phones can also be misused. The principal, teachers and other staff should also not be seen using the mobile in classrooms, playgrounds, common areas, laboratories and other parts of the school premises.

Still, the use of smart mobile phone has tremendously increased in the students life even in small villages & towns. Because this is really wonderful device like Alla din ka Chirag (used in olden days story) which can bring everything you imagine. Undoubtedly, Smart Mobile phone has advance features to capture images, video, audio, SMS, radio FM, TV, porn sites, Facebook, Youtube, games, Music,What’s up, thousands of apps etc. to communicate with anybody (known or unknown) across the world within friction of seconds, its just a button away from them to come into contact.

Media is called the 4th state of Democracy & it is really powerful. Actually, Media has the capability to influence opinions, behaviours, believes, attitudes and values among the mass. But present media is known for negative approach & criticized as misleading our new generation. The serious thing is that students are excessively surrounded by hundreds of TV Channels, Social Media option to keep themselves busy on their mobile & its application & sometimes they try to miss use it and there are many examples & it is very serious concern about our upcoming generation. The extensive use of Mobile & its distraction deteriorating our Indian society to a large extent. But, the question is, whether we should keep away our wards from these gazettes or guide them to use this modern Media device more carefully to make it more meaningful by way fair use of this useful & helpful tool. Mobile has become very useful for girls security point of view too to update their parents about their moments while they are away.

The students must utilize it to find out the solution & updated information of their interests. In broader sense, it may be particularly related to their study, current news, information, subject query, career option, new & new updates or happenings about their surrounding or nation which may be informative for their family, teachers, relatives, friends & connected colleagues. This is the best use of Media which is the need of the hour for our Next Gen. As you know that our thought process is very much influenced & shaped by Media only. It means that our perception about any political party, social activity, corporate world, product, culture, public issue, local, national, international know how, art, culture, sports, public agenda etc. are all created by the Media.

It is up to students to students, how they can spare quality time in reading good books, inspiring/informative editorial/articles in newspaper which can enhance vocabulary power & good command on the language, watch good debate on TV, Film, listen good programmes aired on Radio , even fair use of internet & Social media (Facebook, What’s-up, App), the students can upgrade their knowledge about historical facts, achievements, National hero , become more responsive/ extrovert, become more confident & able to get better academic /practical result.

Students should manage to devote at least one hour daily (half an hour in the morning & half an before going to bed) in these Media resources during schooling. Because it can be very helpful for them to shape a sound foundation to qualify any competition & face challenges more confidently & achieve what they want to achieve in their respective fields for a brighter career option. By adopting the above suggestions, it’s hundred percent sure that a student can become an asset for any nation. Yes, of course, Media can do wonder in Students Life, if it’s utilized well during their regular study.