JM International School, Sector-6, Dwarka students have been consistently creating benchmarks in various Intra-school & Inter-school activities. Apart from a number of calendered activities and competitions, the school provides a platform in the shape of `SRIJAN’- The Annual Subject Expo.
The unique feature of SRIJAN is that all students from Pre-School (Nursery) onwards participate in one or more subject – based exhibitions. Srijan showcases the innovation, pragmatism and creativity of children in Science, Math, Social Science, Computer & Languages. Apart from models & projects on display, students participated in Creative Arts – Music, Dance, Dramatics, Debating, Story- Telling, Fine Arts, Martial Arts, Quizzing, Magic-shows, etc. to name a few.
It is a day when parents either witness with pride the unfolding of creativity in young children or participate actively in quizzes and games organized by young ones for them. In a game of dodging tables for parents, Class II students outsmarted the parents and proved that some parents were busy calculating whereas they had immediate answers.

Srijan was inaugurated by the Director of school – Mr.Yogesh Gupta who was mesmerized by the exuberance and the talent of young children. Guests of Honour- Ms Japjee & Ms.Neha of HT Pace team were highly appreciative of the concept and wished that they too had studied in a school as vibrant and pulsating as JM International School.

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