Let us pledge for eye donation now

Arvind Agrawal

There are an estimated 1.21 crore blind people in the country. Of these, three million suffer from corneal disorders, 26% of whom are children. Fortunately lost sight can be restored through the medical intervention of corneal transplantation through the donated eyes.

Only about 10,000 corneal transplants are being done every year due to the shortage of donated eyes. This is mainly attributed to lack of awareness, hesitation and motivation.

Let us pledge for eye donation now.

Age does not matter. Spectacle wearers, diabetics hypertensive and people suffering from systemic disorders like asthma, tuberculosis can also donate eyes.

Eyes have to be removed within six hours of time of death.

If someone unfortunately dies in the family or friend circle, remember to call the nearest Eye Bank (please see the attachment for the details of major eye banks in delhi) or dial 1919 (all india toll free no. to connect automatically to nearest eye bank). This can be done irrespective of whether the deceased had pledged his/her eyes or not. Under the law, relatives of the deceased can donate his/ her eye provided he/ she (the deceased) had never spoken against eye donation. However for self commitment, we can pledge online at www.ebai.org/html/eyepledgeform.asp or fill the pledge form and send to any eye bank. Please also do not forget to tell about your pledge to your family members and friends.

Eye donation gives sight to two blind persons as one blind person receives one donated eye. The recipient of corneal will always remain anonymous but the donor family should be satisfied knowing that the eyes have been used to restore the vision of two blind persons.

“When we close our eyes in final rest know that two others will open in wonder at the world around them.”Let us pledge for eye donation on Sunday, the 3rd January, 2010 at Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka as Blind Persons Association, Dwarka is celebrating The 201st Birth Anniversary of Louis Braille. Venu Eye Institute will guide about Eye donation.

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