DWARKA FORUM discussed issues with DDA & Delhi police for better Dwarka

A joint meeting between DDA CE, Area ACP, SHO and Dwarka Forum was organized by organized by DWARKA FORUM , to address coordination gaps between civic and police top officials for benefit of Dwarka. It was also important that first time a meeting was held between DDA and DP at this level. Meeting was held on 28th of October at the office of Chief Engineer Dwarka at 3 PM.

Following Points were discussed:-

1. Street lights
Installation of lights in dark stretches where there is no provision of street lights yet, lights in backline, poles but without fittings, etc was discussed. Police Officials also informed the CE about the problems they are facing in the absence of proper lighting.

Action:-CE informed that in a fortnight time he will provide the complete information to all concerned about the area covered by DDA for lighting and proposed plan in days to come. He also mentioned that these information has been sought from CE (Electric) for whole Delhi for DDA

2. Poles coming in front of red lights
CE informed that in a months’ time appropriate action will be taken.

3. Traffic lights at accident / traffic jam prone areas
CE informed that DDA is in touch with Traffic Police and all possible assistance will be given to Traffic Police in this respect.

Chief Engineer also informed the gathering the proposed direct link from Sector-8 or Sector21 upto Pankha Road through underground tunnel for diverting west Delhi-Gurgaon traffic, which currently pass through Dwarka Sector-6. There is another proposal to link Madhu Vihar with Pankha Road through underground tunnel. These two tunnel roads, if materialised, may decongest Dwarka very much and open up two new approaches for Dwarka Sub City.It was also informed that DDA is also planning to tunnel at least for car and two wheeler from Indian Oil crossing to Dwarka.They also have a plan to use half of other side of flyover both ways in peak hours.

4. Zebra Crossings missing/ faded away.
Regarding zebra Crossings, CE assured that road repairs are in progress and good quality zebra crossing paintings will be done after road repairs. He insured the delegation that in months’ time work will be done. He also assured quality on query raised.

5. Encroachment in the markets.
Instructions were passed on to the concerned officials during the meeting to remove Encroachment from the area which is under the jurisdiction of DDA Dwarka.However it was informed that there is a separate wing of DDA for major encroachment which will be informed about that.

6. Ramphal Chowk congestion.
CE came up with a proposal to decongest Ramphal Chowk. He offered to the public an open plot near the Vardhaman Mall for purchasing and constructing a multi-storeyed parking slot. DF to circulate this proposal and get response from the public. If not then on demand DDA may allow the space for parking till the decision is taken for final use of Land.

7. Regular cutting of bushes.
CE assured that appropriate action will be taken soon.

8. Unauthorised Speed breakers and road blocks in service roads.
DDA will assess and if required appropriate instruction will be issued as most of these have been installed by the Society.

9. Railing near Madhu Vihar at road No.201
CE will visit on spot with the concerned official to take a call on that.

10. Dwarkadheesh Temple at Sector-12.
The Chief Engineer will be undertaking visits along with his officials to collect more information.

11. Periodical meet between DDA/DP/DF.
It was agreed by all concerned. DF will take a lead in this.