Co-Convener, Association of Suffering Members
Cooperative Group Housing Societies, Delhi.

Today members of 2 more societies namely Sarve Satyam CGHS Ltd in Sector 4, Plot No. 12 and Maharani Aventibai CGHS in Sector 22 Plot No. 15-B in Dwarka have once again been forced to execute allocation of their flats through self-draw because of utter failure of Registrar of Cooperative Societies to deliver the results, who is a culprit of causing inordinate delay in the allotment of flats to 80 such societies waiting for its allotment for the last 4-5 yeas. It is reminded that since 2004 onwards the RCS has totally freeze the allotment process because of large scale bungling in the allotment of land to a number of societies with resulted in a big scam and was investigated by CBI.

It is a matter of records that about 60 such societies, which were complete for taking possession by the members, were put on hold without of their fault. In the garb of pending CBI investigation the RCS has not only refused to clear a single membership of CBI investigated societies but also put the cases of non CBI societies numbering 48 at par and the members of such societies were made to suffer without any reason.

However in 2008 for the first time the RCS has virtually accepted its fault when through a Public notice these 48 societies were declared eligible for allotments. At the moment appox 80 such societies whether CBI investigated or Non-CBI investigated are suffering because of the apathy of RCS to clear their case for allotments resulting in bringing the patience of members at boiling point. It is stated that inspite of numerous judgments/ directions given by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi & Supreme Court of India passed against  RCS since September, 2007, not a single members has been cleared by the RCS in respect of CBI investigated societies. In the case of appox 20 Non-CBI investigated societies, their clearance was put to hold on permanently on certain flimsy and baseless grounds. On all the occasion as and when the RCS was called by the higher authorities to provide explanation, he has given a grim picture of the situation deliberately and by misleading the authorities in every respect.

Being sick and tired of the attitude and in utter compelled circumstances, the members of such societies who were suffering for the last 4-5 years have decided for allocation of their flats through self-draw. Since January, 2010 in Dwarka, the members of 19 such societies have already occupied their flats through Self draw and are living happily therein. In the said process today the members of two more societies have followed the
way shown by the other societies which have gone for self draw in the past because of RCS failure.

Today, the self draw in these two societies was witnessed and supervised by the Leaders of leading national political parties. This gathering were addressed by Shri Vijender Gupta, President BJP Delhi Pradesh, Shri Parvesh Verma, General Secretary BJP, Delhi Pradesh, Shri Dharm Dev Solanki, local MLA (BJP), Shri Mahabal Mishra MP-LS (Congress), Shri Aziz Pasha MP-RS (CPI) and Ms Amarjit Kaur General Secretary Delhi Unit of CPI.

Shri Vijender Gupta has assured the gathering that the entire BJP unit was with them and shall always with the suffering members to bail them out from any kind of challenge posed by the authorities. Shri Pravesh Verma Secretary BJP Unit of Delhi Pradesh has also Shri Mahabal Mishra had again repeated his assurance given on the previous occasions of such self draw by saying the enough is enough, Marta kya na Karta. The people by
entering into their own house have not committed a sin to enter their own houses. Mr.Mishra assured the gathering his all out support inspite of being a member of ruling party in the wider interest of people of his constituency.

Shri Aziz Pasha has reminded the gathering about the unqualified support to the suffering members at al the times to come. Mr. Pasha stated that inspite of his serious complaints made against the RCS to the Government of NCT Delhi and the Central Government in respect of rampant corruption and red tapeism prevailing in the RCS Office, but except lip sympathy no respite to the sufferers. Hence the self-draw was very much legal. He declared that the entire CPI will fight for the cause of sufferers and stand with them at
any point of time.

Mrs. Amarjit Kaur was amazed about the wisdom of the RCS, who has been threatening the members gone for self draw for punishment of 7 years imprisonment for the offence of entering into their own houses. It was pity on the wisdom of RCS wherein as per the law of land the punishment for trespassing in someone’s house is 6 months but how one could be awarded with punishment of 7 years for entering into their own houses.
She appealed to all the parties specially Shri Mahabal Mishra by taking the cause of suffering members to the higher authorities seeking the regularization of all such societies which have gone for self draw till and to impress upon the RCS to clear all such remaining societies waiting for draw of their flats without any delay. She also warned the government authorities that further delay in clearing the case of remaining societies waiting for allotment shall be fatal and attracts the members of more and more societies solving for self-draw in near future by following the path witnessed by them till now.

The two self-draws were carried out in the respective societies in utmost transparent manner with compete unanimity was the decision of the members of each society of their own, which was not done under any provocation from any quarter.