Dwarka sub -GARBAGE- city

I am a member of Dwarka Forum and writing you on behalf of over 2000 members across Dwarka. This is the reference to some recent garbage problems in Dwarka sectors witnessed by various residents.

1. Dustbins are absconding from several service lanes.
2. Recently, only blue dustbins are installed at some places, greens are almost gone.
3. Several locations have become a garbage dump and garbage litters around for several days.
4. Service lanes are not cleaned properly on regular basis.
5. No dustbins are being maintained, hence they are broken, littering or damaged completely.
6. Various ‘Kabadi Walas’ are found on existing garbage bins or so called dumbing grounds (with the lack of Garbage bins). They litter all the garbage on services lanes to pick up things of their interest and leave rest on the lanes.
7. Door to door pickup of garbage has not been seen/experienced so far.

Other than looking into these issues ASAP, I also request to make a quick action team for Dwarka (available on phone) to attend calls in an acceptable time frame.

I talked to Mr. Raja, EE, Dwarka but he pointed me to Mr. Nangia who is (I think), a private contractor. We would like to request you to pursue this request with concerned officers in Dwarka and have him responsible to take strong and quick action before anymore mess.

If need be, we are happy to visit you for one to one discussion.
Anoop Rohera
Member Dwarka Forum
FYI, I spoke to the MCD guys who said the dustbins are being illegally removed by the private contractor’s truck which comes to collect the garbage. Apparently, the contractor wants to eat the cake and have it too, in the sense he won’t have to remove the garbage and at the same time can continue to collect his contract fee. To ensure that there is no garbage to remove, he has posted thugs to prevent society sweepers from dumping it on the roadside. The MCD guys, for fear of being reported to their high-ups, have now placed two garbage bins outside our society and got a signed acknowledgement from the security guards. They told the guards that it is the society’s responsibility to ensure that the bins – I think one blue and the other green – are not removed!! We plan to chain them to ensure that they don’t disappear again.Cheers! – Jayaram
This is quite shocking & alarming. If we let this continue the entire Dwarka will become a dumping ground. We are already experiencing this serious problem . Opposite to our apartment in sector 5, is an open ground , I believe reserve for a hospital . there is also a dirty canal as you enter the road towards Madhu Vihar. I had personally met officials in DDA , promises were made to cover the nala . We had even suggested to convert the large open plot to a playing ground,children’s park with well laid out facilities. But nothing so far has happened. atleast until the construction of hospital , some trees can be planted, the area used as play field etc. We had spoken with DDA but with no avail. – V. Krishnamurthy
I refer to the mail below from Anup. I completely endorse what he has said. Further, I would add that the story is identical in each and every service lane in Dwarka. There are no bins, if at all there are..there will be one for the whole row.
We (Dwarka Forum) have taken up this issue time and again with area MCD sanitation inspector. Every time we get to hear that he has ordered for new bins and it will be coming through soon. Well it has not happened so far. As there are no big garbage dump in Dwarka…and with no garbage bins..the services lanes are left with filth and garbage which is quite appalling. Adding to this is the rag pickers who are quite a menace here leaving all the garbage on the road.
Request you to give us contact details for the MCD official who is responsible for looking into the matter. Appreciate if you could give us their cell numbers and email ids.
This is a critical matter which needs to be addressed quickly. We would request for a meeting of all the concerned department to discuss and find a solution to this stinking problem.
Request you to kindly acknowledge receipt of this mail. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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