Trishna Summit 2018- A Students’ Conclave held at N. K. BAGRODIA PUBLIC SCHOOL

‘From The Applause Of Appreciation To the Laws Of Cooperation’

Trishna…. A platform for students to honour their skills and their talents. Its not a competition with others, rather it’s a competition with self and to self. The icon of Trishna is Zorba- The Buddha whose feet are firmly rooted to the ground yet whose hands can touch the stars which conveys the message that ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. With this very notion, the grand opening of Trishna Summit took place. The event was inaugurated with full zeal and enthusiasm with almost 30 schools from all over Delhi with a participation of almost 1100 students in the summit. The summit was chaired by Colonel Vivek Bakshi, who is an 8 Gorkha Rifles officer. He is also the director of Indian Defence University. He also monitors issues related to land, drafting of IDU bills, Layout plans and cabinet notes. He was accompanied by his better half who not only witnessed the entire opening but also encouraged the participants with her presence. The ceremony was witnessed by the members of the Managing Committee Dhanuka sir and Dinesh Kr Gupta sir, our Director sir Bhattacharya, our Principal madam Dr. Rajee N. Kumar and our Headmistress madam Ms. Singh. The event initiated its grand opening with floral felicitation of our guests of honour along with lighting of lamp with a beautiful prayer sung by our talented Bagrodians. We had a number of dignitaries to preside over the various events lined up for Trishna summit and so we honoured them with a token of gratitude along with the teachers of every prestigious school who took time out to be a part of this summit and made it a success. The token wasn’t just love from our side but also a message of The 3 Rs of Management. Reduce, reuse and recycle and as we could see all three Rs were very well accommodated in that appreciating token of gratitude. The event was thus inaugurated by our honourable guests with some motivating and encouraging words of wisdom.

The event thus initiated and in the middle of the event, we were joined by a special invitee Ms. Kamaljeet Sehrawat, who is ex mayor and currently working as the leader of the house, Municipal Corporation, South Delhi. She was welcomed with a sapling along with a mesmerising dance performance by our tiny talented dancers on the same idea propagated by our summit i.e. If you can dream it, you can do it. We were also blessed by the benign presence of our chairperson madam Ms. Pushpadevi Bagrodia Ji. We also announced our first set of appreciation and the best performers were awarded. The schools were both satisfied and enthusiastic with the appreciation hampers and the ones who didn’t get were still happy to be a part of the event.

While approaching the end, we were gladly honoured by the benign presence of our honour chief guest R. Sreenivasan popularly called as Sreeni, is a Co-Founder of Career Launcher. He is a well known educationist, sought-after motivational speaker and entrepreneurial mentor, and he travels for about 200 days a year, across the country, facilitating youth, corporate and education leaders, mentors and other co-facilitators. He is described as a true mascot of CL for his energy and enthusiasm. He was welcomed by our Principal madam with a coconut dab with a sapling in it. Also, some words of wisdom and vote of thanks was given by our principal madam who ensured that every school name and every teacher who was a part of the entire Trishna event should be thanked and also the management who gave their blessings to make the event a success. The event participants were given certificates of participation and refreshments to keep them hydrated. All the arrangements would have been incomplete without the responsible Bagrodians who stayed still like bridge to let us through this journey. We are really proud and happy to announce that we had a total of 1oo plus volunteering students who came forward on their own and pledged to help the team as one. The art faculty, music faculty and the entire teaching and non teaching staff came together as one unit to make this event a huge success. It was a grand and amazing day.