Kerala Education Society, Delhi contributed Rs 18 lakhs towards Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund

Catastrophic floods killed more than 400 people and destroyed property worth crores. Besides this, at least 1.5 million people were displaced in the floods. This is the worst calamity of the century. What Kerala witnessed was an ‘egalitarian disaster’ affecting rich and the poor alike. Now, the first phase is over. However, the devastation and destruction are extremely severe and beyond a description. The loss of life, livelihood, homes, roads, bridges, agriculture, power lines and public infrastructure will have far-reaching impact on socioeconomic fronts. Even the preliminary assessment in major sectors pegs the losses around Rs 20,000 crore. It would be many folds if all the sectors and verticals are taken into consideration.

During the rescue and relief operations, Keralites displayed a high level of intra- and inter-community trust and networking. However, what remains a challenge is to keep up this momentum during the processes of rehabilitation and rebuilding of infrastructure.

Let us join hands to rebuild the infrastructural loss suffered by the southernmost state of our homeland ie., Kerala

Kerala fraternity of the National Capital, is assembling on 01st Sep 2018, Saturday 4:30 PM at Kerala School, Canning Road, SMS Marg, New Delhi-1, to keep up the collective consciousness and shared sense of identity created during the disaster into the rebuilding phase and further.

Prominet people like Supreme Court Justice Kurian Joseph, poet and social activist Prof Sachidanandan, DDA Commissioner Subu Rahman etc will be participating in this meeting.

Babu Panicker – President
PK Ravindranathan – Secretary General
Kerala Education Society