Earth Day celebrated at Paramount International School

Paramount International School, Sector-23, Dwarka celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April’14. A special assembly was held to mark the 44th anniversary of Earth Day. A thought provoking skit on the hazards of de-forestation was beautifully presented by the students of class VII.

Mrs. R.L. Saroha (M.D.) emphasized upon the need to realize the danger looming large on the planet Earth and to start taking small steps like planting trees, limiting the use of vehicles etc. because when a billion people do it collectively, the result will definitely be a positive one. Mrs. Rashmi Bajpai, Principal made the students realize that Earth is our home and we must keep it neat and clean in order to stay healthy and remain alive.

The assembly concluded on a meaningful pledge taken by the students as well as the teachers on conserving the planet Earth which is a beautiful gift bestowed upon us. A cycle rally was also organized to promote the cause of reducing pollution. All students wore green T-Shirts carrying slogans and messages encouraging people to Go Green. The day created awareness amongst the students to nurture nature thus making our home a newborn world.