Electoral Reforms: A step towards good governance

(Guinness Record Holder for letters in Newspapers)

It refers to release of the book ‘Electoral Reforms: A step towards good governance’ on 29.03.2015 by important RSS functionary Dr Krishan Gopal in a function chaired by eminent constitutional-expert Dr Subhash Kashyap at India International Centre (New Delhi). Notable feature of the book is inclusion of personal messages of Prime Minister Narender Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Union Law Minister DV Sadanand Goiwda, RSS Supremo Mohan Bhagwat with all of them expressing urgent need towards much-required and long-awaited electoral reforms.

With all the most powerful ones in country’s governance-system in the country having sent their messages for the book containing some well-thought suggestions, actual need is to transform words in their messages into reality. BJP-led Narender Modi government at the centre should now take urgent steps to implement poll-reforms. It is a unique opportunity for such reforms in larger interest of democracy in the nation, because country has after a long time got a stable government where the main ruling party with an absolute majority of its own in Lok Sabha has not to depend on other parties for support of long-pending electoral-reforms. Excuses like requiring ‘political consensus’ are of no relevance when all other bills are passed by the Parliament through majority-vote.

Dr Subhash Kashyap’s views on the occasion for even a constitution-review carry weight because he was the member-secretary of the Commission formed by earlier NDA government for review of constitution. Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar in the constituent-assembly rightly commented that success of constitution will depend on voters and candidates. Unfortunately his 65-years’ old vision has become significant in present system where voters are influenced by money, cast and religion, while candidates adopt all such tactics for appeasing voters on their such requirements. Union government should consider report of the commission set up for review of constitution in its earlier regime of NDA government.