English Week conducted at N.K. Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka

N K Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka, organised English Week in the month of May to celebrate the richness of English language and to instill the love for the language among students by providing them with a platform to express their views and show their talent. A plethora of intra and inter class activities were conducted from class I to class XI. Class I students dressed up as their favourite story character while class III students designed their own rule book for good behavior.Class VI students showcased their dramatic skills through moral based story enactment.Class VII students participated in poem recitation with ‘Nature’ as the theme. Class IX students showed their creativity through poster designing on environmental issues.

Students from all the classes participated in different activities with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. It was a week of immense fulfillment and creativity for the students who were eager to show their talent and beamed with happiness when their skills were acknowledged.

The week culminated with Inter House Declamation contest. The honourable judges for the event were the school principal, Dr. Rajee N Kumar and head mistress Mrs. Satinder Kaur. Students impressed the audience and judges with their flawless speech and confidence. It was a golden opportunity for students to hone their oratory skills by shedding all inhibitions and speaking with confidence. Participants left the audience in awe of their talent and received much deserved applauds from audience as well judges.