The CPMG, Delhi Circle,
Meghdoot Bhavan,
New Delhi-110 001.


Dear Sir,

1. That the Deptt. of Post claim to compensate for the late delivery of Speed Post and Registered Post but this is only an eye wash as the procedure is so complicated that the clients do not make any claim.

a) I will give an example of my case for your information. My speed post booked under number ED817625529IN on 10.1.2013 from Shakarpur Post Office to CGHS Dispensary, Laxmi Nagar. The same was delivered on 15.1.2013 i.e. on 6th day of its booking. I applied for compensation on 1stFebruary, 2013 to Shakarpur Post Office but till date, have not been compensated despite taking this case vigorously at various levels and filing RTI on 1.2.2013. This is despite the order of Shri Basant Seth, Central Information Commission on 23rd August. 2012, in adjunct order in April, 2013 and earlier in 2010 by Central Information Commissioner Mrs. Deepak Sandhu for simplifying the procedure for granting claim for lost or delayed delivery of speed posts. The same is the case is for the registered post delivered late or lost. So far, I spent hundreds of rupees for taking a refund of Rs. 17/- due to this complicated procedure and therefore giving compensation is just an eye-wash. I request you to simplify the system forthwith as per directive of the CIC.

2. In reply to my complaint dated 4.6.2013 to the CPMG, Delhi Circle, Sr. Post Master, Krishna Nagar HPO, Delhi-51 informed that due to shortage of staff etc. the speed post articles were delivered late. A speed post article received at the post office K. Nagar HPO on 18.5.2013 was delivered to me on 27.5.13 i.e. on 10th day. Self-attested copy of the aforesaid reply dated 30.7.2013 is enclosed for ready reference.

3. I have come to know that on one hand, there is a shortage of staff and on the other hand, the rates of over time paid to the staff are unrealistic; have not been revised for about 15 years and due to this, the staff is unwilling to work in over time. These rates are also not compatible to the various orders issued by the Ministry of Labour etc. I request you to assess the work load and if required, recruit more staff and revise the rate of over time also as soon as possible.

4. Many post offices have been designed to work as Assistant CPIO but they are not maintaining this mandatory record in a prescribed performa. After the inspection of record and reply dated 2.8.2012 by the Sr. Post Master of my RTI application, I have come to know that such record is not also being maintained by the Krishna Nagar Head Post Office and the RTI applications etc. required to be sent within 5 days are being dispatched late. In his reply, Sr. Post Master while replying to point (e) has stated. The date of receipt of the RTI is marked on original RTI application; hence date of receipt cannot be ascertained.


5. The Asstt. Director (PG), of your office sent a proposal to the Director (PG), RTI Cell, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi for the inclusion of Dwarka Post Office under the list of CAPIO module on 6.2.13 requesting the Director (PG) for intimating the Login and Password. (letter No. PG/RIA/M-325/2012 – copy enclosed for ready reference). Even after seven months, the Dwarka Post Office has not been brought under this module and it appears that no follow-up action has been taken on this after the issue of aforesaid letter. I earnestly request your honour for necessary action for the benefit of Dwarkaites and nearby areas. At present, the nearest post office under RTI module is at Ramesh Nagar.


The Deptt. of Post is not charging the Service Tax as per service tax slab which is 12.36% at present. On the speed post article costing Rs. 15.00 is it charging Rs. 2.00 as service tax totalling Rs. 17.00 while the same comes to Rs. 16.86/-. The same case is for other slabs also. This may be due to shortage of small denomination i.e. change but a correction can be made by slightly increasing the rate of speed post from Rs. 15.00 to about Rs. 15.12 so that the accurate rate is charged from the customers and exact amount is paid to the service tax deptt. Same anomaly may exist for other articles also.

7. I request you to grant time for a meeting on the aforesaid and other issues. The list of other intended issues for discussion will be sent to you, if desired.

8. That the fact of compensating the customer for non-delivery, late delivery or loss of speed post article has not been included in the Citizen Charter while the same is available on the website of the Deptt. I request you to include this in the citizen charter also.

Citizen’s reporter:
M. K. Gupta
Joint Secretary and Media Advisor, Dwarka Forum