Enrichment Programme for Teachers held in R.D.Rajpal School

Considering the priority for the need for teacher-student bonding, an interactive workshop was organized at R.D. Rajpal School, Dwarka. Around hundred teachers got rich experience from this workshop. The topic taken up by Mrs. Era Sehgal; an eminent consultant, was ‘Student-Teacher Rapport’.
In her welcome address, Principal Alka Kshatriya highlighted the role of the teacher as a guide, a facilitator and a motivator. The interactive workshop brought out the need on the part of the teacher to create a learner-friendly environment for the optimum benefit for students. A significant point that emerged from the interaction was the ‘need to change the mind-set of attention seekers.’ Controlling deviant behavior poses a tough challenge for the teacher, whereby he/she has to find innovative ways and means to be a successful mentor. The question-answer session proved to be much beneficial, when thought-provoking queries compelled the participants to find solution-oriented methods.

As the workshop concluded, the teachers felt fully equipped to learn more, know more and practice more with regard to their respective classes and subjects.