Remembering the Birth Centenary of Mahakavi Vailoppilly

Sri. K N Viju Speaking on the contributions of the distinguished 
poet Mahakavi Vailoppilly who sang about human progress and falls
Community Hall, Aiswaryam Apartments, Plot No: 17, Sector – 4, Dwarka, New Delhi
Date & Timeon 16th January 2011 (Sunday) at 04.00 PM.
A great poet who appealed to the little hands quivering with boiling blood to grasp
the burning torches of freedom and equality handed down by forefathers as a precious legacy.
“Oh, little hands with boiling blood,
Come and bear these torches”
 Poems like “First Harvest” and “Eviction from Home” reveal the twin themes of equality and justice,
“Son of Sahyan” is a great poem written for ecological justice.
Five decades ago, linking ecological consciousness with social justice, the poet lamented,
“But, how quickly has progress
Grayed the green”
If green is the colour of environmental consciousness, red is the colour of social justice.
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