M K Gupta,
Free Lance Journalist

When you are traveling on the road starting from the traffic signal of Sector 5/6 near Kaveri Apartments towards the traffic signal of sector 6/7, suddenly you are surprised if your are still at Dwarka when you near the vacant plot between Akash Ganga and Aastha Societies. This is because of the sudden appearance of an eye-sore in good multi-stories ambevience. 

Despite numerous complaints by the resident, the MCD and other authority are not inclined to pick the filth, garbage and malba from this vacant plot. They say that this is a private and disputed land but fail to appreciate that the garbage collected there is not a private property and the local authorities should remove that for the sake of health of the nearby residents.

This plot gives look of a jungle and has become which has become a meeting point of anti-social elements and pairs behind the bushes. This may be private and disputed land but the liability to remove the garbage and malba which has collected there for years and is being dumped even now should either be removed by the local authorities or it should issue challan on the owners. But when ownership is disputed and owners are not living there, govt. authorities will have to do undertake the sanitation work in the interest of the residents. Some portion of the plot is a deep ravine wherein the snakes and other creatures may be found. On the small portion of levelled land, there are three-four jhuggis and labour is residing there in that unhygienic atmosphere. 
Jag Mohan, an office bearer of Aastha Society the Management of the Aastha and Akash Ganga Societies have sent many letters to the DDA and MCD and made personal visits too but the situation remains the same. Some times they are able to get hollow assurance and sometime, the excuse that it is a private property and the DDA/MCD is not responsible to clean the area.