Dwarka Roads, Parks, Pedestrains, Sanitation

Mr. S R Solanki
Chief Enginer- DWK
DDA, Mangalapuri,Dwarka, New Delhi
Fax : 23965016
Subject: Upkeep/Maintenance of Dwarka Sub-city.
As you may well aware Dwarka Forum (Regd) with an online membership of over 1550+ RWA/CGHS Representatives and residents of Dwarka.
We are in receipt of numerous complaints from different sectors of Dwarka on poor upkeep and maintenance of Dwarka Sub-City Roads, Pedestrain paths and Parks.
We there for request you the following at the earliest :
The 30/40/60 meter Master Plan roads are in very pathetic condition especially after the torrential rains. It is learned that most of these roads were laid during the project period and not give adequate maintenance during the gurantee period. We would therefore request you to initiate the relaying of all 30/40/60 meter roads with fresh bitmen and fresh identifical painting on the pavement edges.
We also request you to process the repair and restore of all pedestrian paths. A number of Pedestrain paths/service roads have damaged by Service Providers(BSES/MTNL/Reliance/Airtel/IGL etc). As we understand the Service providers have remitted due amount for Repair and Restore. However, it is regret to notice that the REPAIR and REPAIR Works are not initiated by DDA so far and risking the pedestrians.
As you well aware Dwarka is new Sub-City and dream project of Late. Shri. Rajiv Gandhi. We appreciate that a good area of Dwarka is made green by DDA. There are still scope for at least 25-25% areas left out on road sides and park areas. The number of lost trees also need replacement. In view of the increased AIR/Ground Pollutions with growing population and development the sub-city require ample green buffer. A large number of malis were engaged, however their attendance are only on papers. We appreciate you will give this communication to Dy. Director, Horticulture for necessary action.
We annex here with as (Annex-I) the list of Roads, Pedestrain Paths, Parks were severely damaged and require survey, and need to Relaid urgently.
Dwarka Forum

Following Roads were laid 3-4 months back but, as expected, monsoonsbroke them around 50%.1. from Pocket-8, Sector-12 to Sector-13 Metro Station2. From Vidyut Chowk to Sector-13.Could post photographs, if required.Also, on pedestrian paths from Vidyut chowk to Ayudh Vihar Red light,3-4 Sewage line covers are missing since past 3 months and pose asevere danger to pedestrians. AFAIK, they were removed as part ofcleansing the sewage lines during monsoons. Amit.

I have included the bad road condition and maintenance of park at Sector-19B.Main road connecting sector 19B and Sector-19 Pocket IIRoad near T junction of Sector 19B is completely damaged and debris accumulated at road. Only single vehicle can pass through at a time. Opp. To Sector 19 Pocket-IIPark is not maintained. Jogging tracks and plantation required.
Kindly include our request also. Br Rajeev Singh Rathore

Sub: Service Road Repair, etc. Service road running in front of Plot-11 to plot-8, Sector-12 (1) About a year back (November 2007) Indraprastha Gas Limited laid pipelines in front of our society after digging the road. We were given to understand that DDA has been entrusted the job of repairing the roads and funds for the same have been provided to DDA. Even after nearly a year nothing has happened and the service road is unbearably in bad shape. A letter dt. 3/6/08 was written to The Executive Engineer, S.W.D.-7, D.D.A., Central Nursery, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075. (2) In his reply the XEN {letter No.F.7(17)CB/EE/SWD-7/1265 dated 12/6/08)} mentioned that the work was likely to be completed by 28/6/08. But till today the work has not been even started. (3) Inspite of repeated reminders nothing have happened. (4) This is a fit care to be included in the ensuing RTI / Complaint to CE, DDA. p. menon

Please also include the road in front of NK Bagrodia Public School, Sector 4. This stretch of around 200-300 meter (from DPS bus stand to Sri Ram Aptt.) is in very bad condition with several potholes. Ramesh Chand

Please include the road leading to Sector One Pocket One dwarka behind Ram Jodi temple which is in very bad shape. This road also leads to additional 28 DDA flats. nos. from 337 to 364 and Mahavir Vihar as well. The condition of the road is very bad and pathetic and it requires immediate recarpeting.Chander Mohan

The road (near the Palam Flyover) from Flyover U-turn leading to traffic light (Sector 1,7,6& 2) is in pretty bad shape and require urgent repairs. Prof. M.N. Gupta

Service road from Godrej Apt to Fakhrudin Apt in sector-10 is beingrelaid for last 3 days.Pathetic condition of said service road was first conveyed to DDA thruemail on 22.5.08 & subsequently discussed with Chief Engineer(Dwarka), DDA on 27.5.2008. Thanks also to members for follow-upsupport. Mahesh Tak

Sanitation problems

A area of great concern is the stinking dustbins of poor quality, most of them are in broken conditions are kept outside the Societies or along with the roads near pavements. These dustbins are not good for health, becoming the breeding grounds for germs, bacteria etc. also gives shabby looks and very difficult to pass through it. My suggestion is that every society should have two dustbins in the back lane, one for dry items (for recycling purpose) and second one is for wet items (veg, kitchen items). This wet dustbin should be cleaned by water every week by the Society sweeper. All the trash should be in poly bag, no one should through it in loose conditions. The Society may take the responsibility of maintenance of dustbins, if possible. It is also noticed if trash is in poly bag, the sweepers always open the bags and search the trash to find out the products for sale which result in spreading the thrash all over on the road. –Ramesh Chand-

I understand all the CGHS/DDA Pocket have their own Sweeper for daily Garbage collection, It means CGHS/DDA Pocket residents are not using these DUSTBINS then what is the USE of PUTTING these Dustbin out side the boundary wall of CGHS/DDA Pockets.
I agree with Mr. Ramesh that these dustbins are not good for health, becoming the breeding grounds for germs, bacteria etc. also gives shabby looks and very difficult to pass through it.
In my person view IT SHOULD BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. Members are free to COMMENT on this.
anil nayal

May be suggestions from qualified cleaning agencies? Are there any operating in Dwarka? Mostly it is the local sweepers come together to form a Agency and take the contract. The mode of collecting and treating the garbage is still the old way hence resulting in all the mess. the dustbins are REQUIRED at various points as the passerby using the roads , children coming frm any point , various wrappers are littered all over. If the dustbins are threre we can ask passerby and kids to use the same . If none exsist they will have an excuse to throw the litter just anywhere. In India we do not keep the wrappers back in our hand bags/ cars. R Dua

Our Pocket-1 in Sector-10 has 6 garbage bins – 3 GREEN & 3 BLUE. Daily
morning, mechanised green & blue MCD trucks come & empty the contents from green & blue bins respectively. Problem is with bins left outside along service lanes. Also with smaller bins placed haphazardly by DDA near market, bus stops, etc. I have written to DDA for action on bin ismanagement. Mahesh Tak

People have to start complaining. Its the general preception that if not us someone will be complaining. This attitude has to change. Unless each one of us start speaking up nothing will change.
Regarding Dustbins – I agree with Mr. Dua as well. Despite Dusbins being there people litter the place, you can see plastic bags flying all over the road and getting stuck in tyres. Problem is that even the educated people litter. But if the same people travel abroad they will not throw but first find/look out for a dustbin. Why cannot the same thing be followed in our own country. Dont people like cleanliness……..
I have myself spoken to the Sahib Singh, the MCD Counsellor number of times on this issue. He says he can only take away the redi whenever his team sees them. But it is for the societies who have to take initative and shoo away the ragpickers. Now as you are aware, these guys come around in early mornings or afternoons, when there are practically no one around. They really create a mess and leave the whole area stinking. The MCD van comes in the morning betweem 8.30-9.00am everyday. In all society the kuda walas collect kuda around after 9am. And they then sort out the mess first and then dump the rest in the MCD bins.
I think one of the option could be to ask the MCD vans to come in the afternoon between12-2pm so that the bins can be cleared immediately after the society kuda wala dumps the garbage into the bins. This way we can ensure that these rag pickers dont get the opportunity to creat a mess on the services lanes and the lane really stinks. I cant think of any other way of addressing thsi problem. Please feel free to write in with your thoughts.
Sudha Iyer

The main reason for this mess outside societies are the rag pickers. MCD has installed those plastic wheeled dustbins, but the rag pickers come early in the morning and spread these dustbins and collect for thier daily livelihood, forgetting to put the leftover back. the best example is outside Sargodha Apartments in Sector 7. Something should be done about it. the security staff of the societies are totally incapable of handling this as most of them are asleep during the wee hours. Ajay Gupta

I don’t understand that every CGHS/DDA pocket have their own Sweeper for garbage collection then who put the garbage on the Dustbin. WHAT IS THE USE OF PUTTING SUCH BIG DUSTBIN OUTSIDE THE CGHS/DDA POCKETS. Anil Nayal

instead of those BIG tholas(Grabage house) in Dwk MCD put only these green and blue bins. Initially it look better as the maintenance and especially the way the Loading guys of MCD contractors the Bins were damaged then the rag pickers. The CGHS/DDA pocket sweepers collect from door to Door a job of an MCD Sweeper and dispose of the garbage. We must ask for at least 2 Big Tholas in each sectors ? 1 for Garbage especially kitchen and other items other one for Malba and Recyle itesm such as papers/plastics etc.. Rejimon CK

This problem can be resolved, if we are ready to use ‘common sense’!
Lets assume:-
– All the CGHSs in DWARKA have their staff to take care of the garbage inside the societies.
– All the CGHSs have provided their sweeper staff with BIG size GARBAGE Bags.
– The Sweepers/Security Staff are present in the society when so called MCD Garbage Van visits to pick-up garbage, daily.
– Now,why cant Society Sweeper Staff along with MCD Staff load the ‘Garbage Bags’ on these Vans for a neat/clean disposal of Garbage,every day?
– Remove the Plastic Bins from Front Gates of the CGHSs and keep the area clean.
– But we are INDIANS……………… Darshan

It is the quality of dustibins that is not up to the mark. All of them are either broken, overhanging upside down and spreading foul odor and germs all around, and is indeed sickening for us when we are taking morning walk for better health. Re. DDA pocket, i live in Sec.9 pkt.2 but i believer still Dustbins have to be placed outside each Pkt and society irrespective of whether sweeper cleans or not because he does it just in the morning and takes a day off also, but rest of the day if there is anyone wanting to throw garbage, there has to be dustbins which should be cleared daily. In fact, i believe even within the colony or pocket, there should be duly covered 4-5 dustbins at periphery road where residents of the pocket can throw rough and dry rubbish. Sometimes, while driving back i have some rubbish(wrappers, fruit skin etc.) which i have to carry it all the way to my home at top floor to put it in my home dustbin! to be a CLEAN AND GREEN Delhi, each one of us has to think cleanliness all the time not just for our drawing rooms but for our neighborhood – colony- dwarkacity and Delhi city. Ask, how many of us do that! Years ago there were no dustbins, then we complained and started seeing dustbins but now problems is either they are not of sturdy quality or are not maintained properly by MCD. pradeep k.ivon

I filed one RTI in March 08 with MCD Najafgarh on Sector 22 specific.. So far no response,,aappeal filed FAA no response.. Appeal with CIC Pending. The only improvement we got was after this RTI one sweeper we see dainly infront of NSV that it.. its long way to go..efforts are on.. The questions are as below. ” There are garbage bin (Blue and Green) at (Sector 22, Dwarka). Please provide the following information with respect to this garbage bin: Please give the address of the Depot from where the loader and truck for this garbage bin are sent? Please give the vehicle nos of the truck and the loader assigned for picking up garbage from this garbage bin. As per the vehicle beat register maintained at the Depot, please give the time when these vehicles left the Depot and at what time did they return to the Depot on each day from Nov 2007 to December 2007 , Jan 08 and Feb 08 . On each of the days during the above period, please mention the addresses of the garbage bins, which were serviced by these vehicles. Please give the numbers of trips made by this truck on each of these days.
On each of these trips, please mention the weight of the garbage picked up by this truck, as per the weighment receipts at landfill sites.
This garbage bin has not been cleaned for the last 15 days. The area SI is supposed to send balance report to the workshop SI everyday giving details of the garbage left unattended. On the basis of this report, the workshop SI is supposed to get such garbage picked up. Please allow me to inspect the balance reports sent by the area SI for each day during this period. Does the balance report for each of these days mention that the garbage at this bin is not being picked up? If no, why has the area SI not been mentioning the same? ” Rejimon

There is unauthorised Jhuggis started in front of SEC 5 Navin appartments in open area which is duly covered with fencing matter is already reported to local authorities and perhaps to the police by CGHS of navin appartments. Besides above this area is being used for toilets purpose by the rikshaw pullers and labour class. Therfore all area is full of foul smell as one open drinage also exsisting near by Can any one take this matter to the appropirate authority for necessary help. Pradeep Bist

I would also like to share the pathetic condition at the back side of MAHABHADRA KALI C G H S PLOT 6 SECTOR 13 opp MRV SCHOOL. there is a huge DDA lant lying vacant for so many years bushes at the height of 8 to 10 feets have grown up and it is a hub for anti social elements. snakes and insaects which we have only seen in the books enter our houses. labours working in the near by sociewtis under cont. use that land for their daily chorous in the morning and in the evening. sweepers from nearby society DUMP their waste
even our gaurds used to hush them but they cannot stay there all the day
i would request that any of the member of the forum can visit the site see it and talk to the concerned authority.
the mamaging commette and the rwa are not strong enough to take the matter in theie hand as they are their own logger head why i am concered is that with all type of viruses are spreadind we in the society have small childrens too. anil khanna

A similar situtation lies in sector 4, just next to Tiny Tulips School, behind Dakshinayan Society. The plot has been lying vacant for a long time and is constantly misused, most recently by one of the surrounding societies for dump house after their recent sports activity, its shameful that instead of cleaning up our surroundings we just look at it as an oppurtunity to mess it further. The ground breeds mosquitoes and all other unheard of animals, it gets difficult and unsafe to pass by the patch at night.
The green belt around this backlane also serves as a hiding place for anti-social elements, we have often pointed this to PCR vans but to no avail, the green belt serves as an unauthorised taxi-stand, where drivers in unebriated condition are found playing cards to while away time. please feel free to contact me if you have difficulty in figuring this place out. Vandana