Intellectual Politico Propriety


67 years after independence the opinion of the intellectuals on important issues of sate/national governance varies clearly reflecting their political preferences inasmuch as the same could be construed as their very own professed political philosophy.

The intelligentsia is divided not only in their opinion but also in their perception of the larger things in life than merely supporting a particular political ideology.

Successive generations since independence have come a long way to become independent in thought and perception and by now a thicker line should have emerged automatically reflecting the aspirations of people from their political masters towards a “Common Minimum Programme” of deliverance for common good specifically ensuring a stable price line, easy access to all consumables (unlike withering away of onions), quality infrastructure, education, employment opportunities, health care, food security and safety etc.

This attitudinal change in thought and perception can bring about the desired results in compulsive change of attitude of the political system to bind them to the cause of “governing for deliverance” resulting in empowering the masses for a better tomorrow.