Fete Illuminati-Kalabhivyakti Utsav conducted at NKBPS, Dwarka

A week-long festival was organized in N.K Bagrodia Public school, Dwarka to celebrate eternity of art and the creativity of young artists whose soul lie in innovation and art. A mélange of activities were conducted at intra-class and inter-house level during the Fete, commencing from October 21,  2019. Students endeavored to present the best performances on stage for inter-house group song competition and instrumental music competition on Day 1.

Day 2 -To present proficiency in language, participants devised sharp arguments, at the Inter-house Debate Competition, to prove “whether getting a job is more important than being a good human being?” which was followed by an  Interhouse Sanskrit Prashna manch.

Day 3 saw another creative assortment where young bagrodians adorned themselves with their favorite characters from renowned works of literature, characters like young Oliver Twist and Ariel of Tempest were much praised by the judges for their speech and gestures. Inter-house dance competition was the next in action.

An Inter-house CChand Gayan Competition was also held on the same day where in students of IX and X participated enthusiastically. The stage was set, and audience came alive when beautiful dancers rocked the stage with splendid performances on classical beats. A spice to the show was the western dance presented by students class XI on foot tapping Bollywood music.

Pupils also fervently participated in French quiz competition organized at intra-class level. Nonetheless, display boards were decked up with genres of Shakespearean plays enumerating on his oeuvres- Comedy, Tragedy, History and Tragic-comedies.

Day4 the school extended a warm welcome to the budding playwrights and actors for the One Act-play competition where students were allotted themes on the spot to perform on stage with props prepared spontaneously from waste newspapers and day to day items. The programme began with lighting of the ceremonial lamp and invocation of Lord Ganesha .

Saraswati vandana was presented by girls of class X and XI to request the deity to bestow all with eternal bliss and light of knowledge which was followed by a group song – “Drag me Down” by students VI, VII and VIII to explore the reservoir of courage that lies deep down human heart.

After the distribution of themes and brief preparation of an hour, participants reverted with their skit and message on stage with messages to save nature to save future, to never judge a book by its cover, to narrate the afflictions of the crown, and many more such themes were brought alive.

Students endeavored to amalgamate the their interpretation directing their performances towards social welfare and best practices to promote human existence.

Mr. Shivansh Tuli, a theatre practitioner from FourthWall Productions, the theatre society of SSCBS,DU was the Guest of Honor along with Mr. Sandeep Kumar Shastri, who has been teaching Sanskrit in a government school in Haryana for past twenty years.  Having written and directed and acted in various plays, Mr. Shivansh Tuli has claimed immense fame in the world of theatre. Besides he had been an integral part of the play “Rizwaan” which was performed in prestigious Old World Collegiate Theatre Festival, Thespo at Indian Habitat Centre (India’s largest under 25 theatre festival), Prithvi Theatre at Mumbai and Sahitya Kala Parishad to name a few.

RD Rajpal School was chosen the second best School for its performance on “All Glitters is not Gold” while Brain international claimed the first position with its excellent and commendable performance on “ Save Nature, Save Future”.  

An inter-House Rangoli making competition was also held on the same day where in students sketched shades of inspiration art donates to its devotees.

Programme culminated with the speech from the principal madam to show appreciation towards the zest and enthusiasm expressed by the participants.