FREE Meditation meets for Global Peace

Praveen Kumar Sharma with
Guru Lp Phra Ruben Visalo

Normally, human hates troubles and loves to seek happiness for his own. But the happiness they seek is the temporary happiness or the outer happiness which cannot release their mind from the root of troubles and bring them to meet the permanent happiness.

Because most people do not understand that the troubles in their mind must solve at their mind, not their body or the outer things such as drug addiction, travelling for entertainment, etc. The mentioned ways always take pleasure in your mind and you will forget the problems temporarily. But at last they cannot help you to free from the troubles.

So meditation is the key to solve the problems and truly free from all troubles. Today people from everywhere especially in the Western countries begin to meditate more and more.

However, the meditation has been taught generally with different purposes, example, to show the mental power by various incantations which make people believe in and admire. Or some kinds of meditation aims to develop the consciousness in which brings the intelligent and then free from all troubles.

Meditation is a technique to reduce stress and for a peaceful mind. It is easy to learn and practice for quick stress relief. If you Want to know more, Why Meditation…..How to Meditate …….how we can create world peace through meditation.

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