FinishProblems an interactive website launched in New Delhi

Ashok Kumar Nirbhay

new delhi : FinishProblems is an informative and counseling website was launched in Delhi yesterday. FinishProblems has taken the initiative to help, support and counsel people all over India. People from all walks of life can get assistance regarding pertinent issues which sometimes create uncertainties and can cause stress. The subjects include, Health & Lifestyle, Fitness & Physique, Tour & Travels, Career Counseling, Electronics & Automobiles, Relationship Advises, Legal & Corporate Advises, Medical Care and Astrology. Not just that the expert teams at FinishProblems with their best knowledge help and counsel online as well as through calling on all these subjects. That means it’s not just information, but a special guide to help people in finishing all the problems which create difficulties for them in taking and evaluating their decisions.

Present on the launch were Mr. Sunil Sethi, President of Fashion Design Council of India, Dr. Malvika Sabharwal, well-known gynecologist of India and one of the chief consultants at Nova specialty hospital, Mr. Manish Gupta , Chairman at JIMS & Chancellor at Jagannath University, Dr. Seema Midha, the famous tarot card reader also known as “Queen of Tarot Cards, Sri Nirmal Sinha, Chairman & Managing Director at Handicrafts and Handlooms, Export Corporation Ltd (HHEC), Dr Som Tugnet ,Mr Puneet Rai, Founder of Mrs Anjali Rai and Mrs Vaishali Rai, Managing Directors of Also present were Nidhi Bagaria, Chitwan Malhotra, Pooja Gogia, Alma Ranchal, Amanpreet Wahi, Meenakshi Dutt, Preeti Ghai, Anukant Dubey, Reema Arora, Naina Mago and Rekha Chawla.. How much do you spend if you are visiting a doctor or a lawyer or any other professional ? May be some hundreds or thousands of rupees just to solve your small problems? But have you ever thought how wonderful it could be if you are offered the same consultation just at Rs.10, while you sit at home and relax. Yes, you read it right!

In today’s world seeking guidance has become quite expensive and time consuming as well. FinishProblems offers assistance to its users on various problems by experts. A common man is burdened by loads of problems and stress is one of them. Specialist from FinishProblems advice on how to keep stress free, guidance on medical emergencies, medical career, homeopathy and ayurveda is given by well known experts, interesting tips on fitness, beauty and lifestyle by trained professional updated information on tours and travels by experienced experts.

Finish Problems is a consultancy cum counselling website. At Finish Problems we have an expert team of doctors, lawyers, travel consultants, charted accountants, psychologists, lifestyle experts, fitness experts, nutritionists, dieticians, electronics and automobile experts all under the same roof. You can bank upon our experts and discuss all your problems directly on calls or through chat.

This simply means that we provide solution to your problems immediately in the most convenient way. You need not rush to someone, wasting precious time and money just to get answers to simple queries because we are always there to help you.