Media Workshop held in Bal Bhavan International School

Creatives World Media Academy in association with AAFT Group powered by ICMEI organized a Media Workshop on “ROLE OF MEDIA IN STUDENTS’ LIFE” in Bal Bhavan International School, Sector-12, Dwarka. Mr.S.S.Dogra-Senior Journalist, Managing Editor of Dwarka Parichay & Founder of the said academy , interacted with XI class students of BBIS namely Nishant, Harsh, Prince, Piyush, Ankita, Srishti, Abhishek, Namahey, Himanshi, Shavanshu, Shubham Vats, Shubham Ojha, Mayank, Shraddha, Rakshit, Sunidhi & Nandita.

In the said workshops, Mr. Dogra explained the importance of Media in day to day life of students. With the power point presentation, the meaning of media & its achievements with the introduction of computer in India, internet accessibility & advance branches of Media were described.
While interacting with the students, Mr. Dogra motivated all the students to read good books, inspiring/ informative editorial/ articles in newspaper which can enhance vocabulary power & good command on the language, watch good debate on TV, Film, listen good programmes aired on Radio , even fair use of internet & Social media (Facebook, What’s-up, App), the students can increase their knowledge/ memory power, become more responsive/ extravert, become more confident & able to get better academic /practical result. 
The students also very curiously asked very interesting questions during the workshop, like, which is the most economical source of information, comparison of e-news with newspaper, Choice between watching the news on Television or with news published in the Newspaper, Mr. Dogra answered them logically & told them the advantages of all the branches of Media on their on merits one by one. On the basis of personal experiences, Mr. Dogra convinced the students that the best utility of Media, during schooling, can create a sound foundation in student’s life to face any challenge more confidently & achieve in their respective fields for a brighter career option.

(Photo: Nishant)