Give her a fair chance…


SHE, is a woman, a unique creation
She strives to carve a niche for herself under a difficult situation
Her cries are to be heard and seen as an individual being
Not as a mere shadow of her father, brother, son or her life partner.
She loathes and questions the double standards of society,
Which sets different rules for the husband and the wife!
Why should it always be a Man’s world?
When it is a woman’s effort and toil which makes him the ‘man of the world.’
What would ‘He’ be if it were not for her numerous sacrifices?
Would he not be like a rudderless ship on a stormy sea?
What will the world be without HER…?
Think deep and the repercussions would make you shudder.
‘If you want to know a country’s progress
Know its women” it is rightly said.
Let her grow and don’t you dare her suppress
For she is built of steel will and inner strength
Allow her emotions, ideas and thoughts to express
Dare stop her, and invite her to unleash her wrath!
History is witness to the power of a woman
An epitome of sacrifice, a paragon of virtue and an embodiment of love,
She has so much to give…
Give her a fair chance that is all SHE has beseeched.

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