GM Trials Corrupts Crop-Self Rule & Attacks Seed Swaraj.

Rakesh Manchanda

About author : Has worked in India and several countries and now is a full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for an Ecological Swaraj. Written in Public Interest on behalf of Alliance for Safe Food-Delhi & India Against Corruption.

A Bird asked a Bee, you work so hard to get honey & people steal.

Don’t you feel sad?
Bee – `NO`, because people can never steal my team work, my skills and my art of making honey each day…!!

What if Bee is a GM-Clone ?
What if honey as a safe food is Genetically Engineered?

Instead of sticking to safe food agenda ,Let us chuck in a slightly different trajectory of real life what happens if the GM invention and a clone product refuses to be obedient to its master.

Here is a slice from an old bollywood blockbuster Robot:
Professor ( Rajnikant) wants to create the first robot in India which would not only serve tea and coffee to its masters but would have the power to serve humanity in more meaningful ways.

He creates Chitti, the humanoid who looks exactly like him (Inventor) and is willing to do anything while obeying the orders. Trouble begins when he goes a step further and teaches the machine to feel. Chitti falls in love with the professor’s girl friend, Sana (Aishwarya Rai) and ends up becoming an almost undefeatable rival in love.Courtesy the red chip that a rival scientist played by Danny Denzongpa infuses in him.

What’s more important is the fact that you and me actually don’t mind when the bullet in 3-D Cinema whizzes out of his forefinger and hits the man in front in the head.

Instant fast death. Wow ! The movey was a big hit and a paisa vasol entertainment with cent percent recovery satisfaction to the audience).

Robot movey has a hidden message.
Can the creator tame the rogue robot or will machine rule over man?

Back to real life :
Business team as real masters stands lazy hiding behind the politicians and say we are the `last change makers` and always want some magical powers to work.

The biggest Business Lobby is Government. Government of India with KG Basin scam FIR tainted ministers like Veerappa Moiley are articulating GM Trials GM.

Political space and GM trial resistance once initiated by Left Parties have now got joined by AAP.

It is interesting to note that only four countries or only four governments out of 200 in the world today use Genetically Modified Crops.

USA is unable to promote and push GM Crops and seed patent control in other countries since its first use in America fifteen years ago.

America of course is hiding `Business Terrorism` by buying a section of agriculture scientist opinion as they do in Pharmacy clinical studies.

The real threat is Farming in Agriculture as way of life shall soon be rechristened as Pharming (Pharmacy).

During Childhood we heard about field trial of Army tanks or chemicals and Hiroshima. Then much later we heard about Robots and bollywood blockbusters.

So why a field Trial on Food Crop ?

Do trials increase productivity and Profits. At what cost ?

During trial GM trial there is no guarantee to reverse the side effects and protect the Seed Swaraj or Crop Self Rule.

Sample a rural survival kit- a crop grower in one field prayers that the crop of his neighbour should be safe and should not carry any disease. Why ? Any problem or threat in the neighbourhood invites future problems in your own crops.

Field trials on Bt Okra(lady finger),Bt.Rice, tomatoes and Brinjal got away unchecked.

Why GM Pharma promotion which in shape of BT Brinjal after disputed trials got stuck only in four countries including America shows it is ant- nature and representation of false science for Profits ?

Such trials have already forced 2.66 lakh farmer suicide in BT Cotton.Trials must be stopped. Farmers must be allowed to practice safe agriculture and safe organic farming instead of Pharmacy under GM hidden agenda of profit to American Monsanto.

For details more read my old article via Google:Of seeds, parliament, prayers and the Gita published by Governance Now.

We the citizen of India seriously demand, as a birth right, that our food production systems; our distribution system and our consumption pattern should not be monopolized by the corporate interest. Field trials are hidden routes to Corrupt our food production. This not only exploits us economically but also posse’s dangerous concerns for climate change, Global warming and the existence of our healthy bodies.

We all have a natural right to safe food, Ecological Swaraj and environment. A right to make informed choices about something as basic as Food & Environment is a must. This would get violated if GM (Genetic Modified) foods are approved.

Make sure you, me and others are not made into laboratory rats in this corrupt, irreversible, unsafe and unaccountable experiment with transgenic foods.