Religion for People Not for Profit

Rakesh Manchanda

Moot Question which the promoters of Ghar Wapse fail to reply remains:
Is Religion a safety valve for People or People are the booty and profit for Religion ?

Gandhian Concept of holistic religion is misused but is never followed by Talibans and Hindu Fundamentalists Managers. Do we need Politicians-our Nagar Sevaks to handle Religion, culture and home coming narration called `Ghar Wapse` ? Greed for short cuts and power by those who do not deserve it is delivering violence and provoking words. We do not need a spacecraft and a remote with eyes of an alien to see how the religion is misused by `Netas`. Politicians fail to put Religion for people and not for profit. Two hot issues flooded Indian media at the fag end of 2014. First is the `Ghar Wapse` action plan of Modi Brigade. Second is the agitation against the success of new blockbuster Bollywood film PK. Both these events has a common spark- a hunger for real religion and the business of religion. 

No modern country and its alert people will allow their elected leaders or `Nagar Sevaks` to work for a religion expansion or religion monitoring. People need roads and jobs and want religion to be left as private and personnel affair. `Nagar Sevaks` are elected to serve the masters by running the country and distributing wealth generated by fair laws. `Ghar Wapse` tag of re-conversion in India as launched by Hindutva Managers is generating hatred for minority, blocking development and dividing people. Why jobs of religious heads should is swapped by politicians? These are the same set of weak Netas who are violent against the release of a 2hrs24 minsBollywood film-PK of Amir Khan that exposes the shops of Religion. Same set of Hindu Talibans want to build Nathu Ram Godse temples on 30th.Januuray-2015.

Double Talk on Ghar Wapsi Politics for Votes :
Hindutva Manager`s argument is-“BJP is using the same methods which have been used to convert Hindus into Islam or Christianity “. Provoking taunts are used for moderate Hindus as to what were they doing when the Hindus in the past were getting converted. Another announcement of this team is that they shall continue to re-convert one Lac Christians and Muslims each year. Hindutva team claim is they are not using force for conversion and what they are doing is in line with constitution of India which allows to promote and adopt a religion of choice. Another claim in Public is that BJP is not converting anyone.

What these `intelligent` politicians fail to tell Indians that they failed to remove poverty and provide jobs and dignified work to all Indians as per the constitution.

Why are religious heads not standing tall to promote religion?
Instead of dignified honour to `pundits` or religious heads what the `spoilt tradition` does today is to invite occasionally a strange person called priest to help with magical mantras and rituals having no links with process of team connected productive work.

Aacha Din Kab Aaenge ?-When will good times come for correct participation and holistic religious promotion ? 

Above picture of feudal era shows gurus or priest guiding villagers to identify spot to dig a well. Religious heads here instead of Politicians are supposed to promote the religion freely but never by force or by cheating or by promising BPL or Ration cards. Today the weak religion space is grabbed and misused by politicians to make their space more powerful. Sad fact is that several Religious leaders have joined politics and practise both.

This is the early man illustration showing team work headed by spiritual leaders was essential.

`Zero-start` society was replaced by continuing society bloomed by accumulation of experiences and connected together by Religious heads.

Capacity builders called gurus and priest in past were infact the `business` trainers to keep the jobs in the team connected to excel in military training and civil works. Today in the human capital intensive environment the hired pundits are given money with no permanent holistic jobs. After few hours of team celebration and prayers they are send back or left for hunting more booty. Unorganised and delinked production today continues with no respect for a team work connectivity.

Home Sharing and Home Coming decisions cannot be allowed to be taken by our `Business brand` Managers who cheat voters by double talk. Real Religious heads need to wake up for a better India to retain their respectable roles to promote and protect the religion with honesty. Politicians must stop tempering, twisting and swapping `Ghar Wapase` natural concept for better humanity.