Pathetic condition due to non development of a vacant plot by DDA

We, the residents of the Brahma Apartment, Plot No 7, Sector 7, Dwarka are living in the most miserable and pathetic condition due to non development of a vacant plot adjacent to our society reportedly earmarked for a local shopping centre. The said plot is about 10,000 sq. yards and is enclosed by roads on three sides and by our society from the remaining side. The plot is full of stray weeds and vegetation. The plot is the perfect breeding spot of water borne diseases, mosquitoes and reptiles. The snakes and lizards frequently cross over the wall and pose danger to the life of the inmates of society. Foul small emanates from the stagnant water and flush in the said vacant plot.

The plot is reportedly meant for local shopping centre having commercial activity. The said plot has potential of drawing huge revenue to the DDA but due to careless attitude of DDA the said plot is providing opportunity to be land grabbers for executing their plans. It is requested that suitable inquiry may please be made to the delay in development and construction of LSC on this plot due to which the innocent citizen of this society are made to suffer.

Can you please support in highlighting this to the authoroties, so that an urgent action in the matter may please be taken to rid the residents of this society of the menace caused by this vacant plot at the earliest.

Munish Kundra
(Member Managing Committee)