Gopashtami was celebrated with great fanfare at Kamdhenu Gowdham

The festival of Gopashtami was celebrated with great fanfare at Kamdhenu Gowdham, located in village Bissar Akbarpur, Tauru. On this occasion, the Chief Guest, BJP’s National General Secretary, Shri Ramlal ji, inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp and said that now export of beef in India is a completely ban. He said that in the last three years, there has been a decrease of more than 70 percent in the case of Gow Taskari especially in Bangladesh. Cow’s philosophy is beneficial. It is a matter of pride in taking food for the cow in every household.

The chief guest said that in order to enrich his life, he should be in touch with the cow. We must have faith in the work of doing deeds. If the cow remains, the culture will survive. If the culture remains, then India will survive and India will survive if the world will survive. Shri Ramlal appreciated the work being done by Mr. SP Gupta, the founding chairman of Kamdhenu Goddham and described this work as exemplary. On this occasion, Shri Ramlal inaugurated the workshop of the burning of incense in Goddham.
Gita Manishi Swami Gyananand Ji Maharaj said that cow is our mother. Cow is our faith. In this effect of materialism the facilities are increasing but our mental, spiritual, physical abilities are getting impaired. Gomaata is the solution to all these problems. Due to the Gomata, Indian ancient Sanskrit is supreme. Gomaata is the basis of our prosperity. Cow’s milk is nectar similar. He expressed happiness over the fact that Haryana Government is taking better steps towards conservation of cattle. Swami Gyananand ji Maharaj lauded the work of opening the health institute, Vaaparthi Ashram, Yoga, Praudh Shiksha Kendra in Gondham by emphasizing the teaching of Goseva and Geeta, and inspiring this work as inspirational.
On this occasion, Shri SP Gupta, Founder Chairman of Kamdhenu Gowdham and Kamdhenu Arogya Sansthan said that Goddham has been in the last five years. In this period, Gowdham has set new dimensions. Not only saved the cow dung which is going to be killed but advanced work is being done in Gow Sanvardhan . Panchgavya, Swadesi Race Improvement Center, organic farming, naturopathy, yoga training center is set to become an international standard research center. Biogas Plant is helpful in environmental protection. Women’s Stitching Training Center in Gowdham is playing an important role in making women self-reliant. Giving details in the program, Shri Gupta said that there is going to be a health institution in Gowdham. Our mission is to serve naturopathy, yoga to senior citizens. Shri Gupta said that the officials of foreign countries, IAS, IPS, students have already visited here. Kamdhenu Gowdham Chairperson, Mrs. Shashi Gupta thanked everyone and reiterated the resolve to make Gowdham and Health Institute world-class. He announced a grant of Rs one lakh for the fodder of Govansh in Gowdham and said that 21 thousand rupees would be made available to Goutsav for the festival of Gopashtami.
On this occasion, Shri Sanjeev Krishna, the saviourist of Indian culture, referred to Govata as the mother of the world while mentioning the works done by Gosave by Lord Shri Krishna. Mr. Basant Bansal, the renowned social activist and Chairman of Amethryme, announced the creation of one room in the auditorium, famous social activist, Mr. Prem Prakash Gupta, Mr. Birbhhan Gupta, Mr. Naresh Gupta, Mr. Jagmohan Mittal, Ajay Podan at the Health Institute. Senior Superintendent of BJP, Shri Sudhanshu Mittal, senior journalist of PTI, Mr. Vedpratap Vaidik, National Guddhan Mahasangh Convenor Mr. Vijay Khurana Sohana MLA Mr. Tejpal Tanwar kept his thoughts and appreciated the work being carried out by Kamdhenu Gowdham and Health Institute.