Greed based corruption can only be checked by Character Education – Shiv Khera

02nd Oct 08, Jinwani Bharti Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi : A seminar on Nation Building was organised under the banner of Bhartiya Rashtrawadi Samanta Party(BRSP) here by the convenor of Delhi Pradesh Committee of the party – Shri Pravesh Mahajan. Speaking on the occasion Shri Shiv Khera Ji – National President of BRSP- said that in a country where an honest citizen is afraid of his own police and judiciary, it amounts to Slavery and not freedom. There is a crying need to stream line the present rotten and corrupt system. Shri Shiv Khera ji said that a time has come when the literate, well meaning and patriots have to come forward to join the politics and it is for this reason that a political platform has been created for good people under the title of Bhartiya Rashtrawadi Samanta Party (BRSP). This Nationalistic party is more of a revolution to resurrect the dignity of the common man. Shri Shiv Khera brought out that our aim is to find solutions. Bringing out some of the measures, he said that 1000 Vocational Institutes will be opened in the first phase to provide employment opportunities to about ten crore unemployed youths. He also prioritised the need to provide at least one
drinking water source in every village through solar pumps in a definite time frame.

This seminar was attended by more than six hundred volunteers, team leaders and members of various other committees of the Party. Almost every participant represented one or the other organisation. Each one of them was a distinguished Individual and vied with each other to take on responsibilities like printing of pamphlets and their distribution, making new members, creating awareness about the party, organising similar seminars, opening of offices of the party in different colonies etc.

States Co-ordinator of the party Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi said that in order to stop further division of the of the society, the system of caste based reservation should be immediately abolished. It may be substituted by the system of upliftment based upon economic criteria. He administered the oath of JAI HIND to all present and took a pledge from them that this slogan of BRSP will be spoken in all mutual felicitations.

The vice president of the party Shri Ajay Singh brought out the need to put an end to the policy of appeasement in the name of secularism. He advocated a National Policy to deal with the problem of terrorism and infiltration. Shri Vinod Puri-a member of the Natinal Executive council – said that the party believe in participation from below rather than imposition from above.

Smt Nidhi Mahajan, a resident of Dwarka, rose from the gathering and exhibited a unique and exceptional courage by saying that she is prepared to take on the cause of Nation Building irrespective of her personal discomfort and prevailing odds. She said that she did not believe in doing whatever little she could but doing all that what is needed by the Nation at this hour. Shri Shiv Khera ji announced with pride that Smt Nidhi Mahajan will be the party candidate for the ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections. She is the first candidate to be declared to contest election on behalf of the Party.

Prominent people who addressed the seminar included Shri Vijay Mittal, Shri Chandra Kant Tyagi, Shri Sandeep Dubey, Col Harish Jain,Shri Suresh Mudgal etc.


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